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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by stain, May 31, 2010.

  1. Kevan67

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    Keep up the good work Stain

    I did the first day of my 5's yesterday as well, I do like the 5s and will extend them out to xMas now, take a two week break over xMas holidays then come back in 2011 and start all overe again.

  2. stain

    stain Member

    Thanks Kev, I think I'll finish up around the same time as you..I think I'll do a 3rd week of 5s then see if I can increase the weight and do 3s for another week.. then SD over the holidays. How are your gains in size/shape so far?

    Today's workout was awesome.. did everything as planned, no rush.. I'm up in weight again.. I'd say around 186, which is around 1 lbs per week since I started the cycle. If I can reach 190 by the end that would be really cool.

    5s - Day 2
    Bench Press 140x3
    Dips BW+10x2
    Seated Cable Row 140x3
    Chip-ups BW+10x2
    Squat 145x4
    DB Press 45x4
    Calf Raises 170x4
    Shrugs 65x4
    Tri Pull-downs 145x4
    EZ Bar Curls 65x4
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  3. stain

    stain Member

    It's getting harder.. but I took my time and got everything done... It takes me on an average 1 hour and 20 minutes to get everything done, and I usually super-set my workout (chest/back, legs/shoulders, bis/tris etc.)

    5s - Day 3
    Bench Press 145x3
    Dips BW+15x2
    Seated Cable Row 150x3
    Chip-ups BW+15x2
    Squat 150x4
    DB Press 47.5x4
    Calf Raises 180x4
    Shrugs 70x4
    Tri Pull-downs 150x4
    EZ Bar Curls 70x4

    Edit: My diet has been really crappy lately and I plan to change it as of Monday (Going away for the weekend). During SD period I plan to be in ketosis as much as possible since I won't be doing any physical activity.
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  4. OzMullet

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    good stuff mate, i found my workouts got longer and longer too. good excuse to ignore everyone and get on with it. good luck with the diet especially with chrissy coming! i am hoovering up cakes and chocolates. gotta stop! hehe
  5. stain

    stain Member

    AGHHH!!!! So it's been 10 days or so and finally I'm back under the bar... Meanwhile I did play basketball for 2 hours last week and I felt like puking, plus I got a muscle cramp in my right ass cheek... Not that long ago I was able to run circles around these guys. I'll have to include some HIIT in my next cycle as well...

    I started a new job, driving a taxi, which is really time consuming, about 65 hours a week to be exact so I'll need to make sure I fit in my workouts on shorter work days.. Now, sitting for 10+ hours in a car is hurting my back, and I need to get some sort of 'lumbar back support' but I don't want to spend money or just whatever, I'd like to get a high quality product. Do you guys have any suggestions? Meanwhile, I do realize that I need to strengthen my lower back, and I have been neglecting it in my workouts. Like I said, as of my next HST cycle, I'll be alternating between squats and dead-lifts...

    So here's the today's workout:

    5s - Day 4
    Bench Press 150x2
    Dips BW+20x2
    Seated Cable Row 160x2
    Chip-ups BW+20x2
    Squat 155x4
    DB Press 50x4
    Calf Raises 190x4
    Shrugs 65x1 <-- omitted these due to pain in the shoulder, perhaps from doing heavy weights in earlier workouts
    Tri Pull-downs - skipped
    EZ Bar Curls - skipped

    P.S. I was talking to a guy at the gym about the documentary called STRONG about the Defranco's gym in New Jersey. It's a neat presentation of the passion for personal growth if anything... if you get a hold of it, watch it :)
  6. stain

    stain Member

    Today is a great day. I woke up with a headache, thirsty and hungry due to a late night out drinking and whatnot. Since my last post on here I've been to the gym once or twice, and my nutrition was the worst it's ever been. I stopped taking food to work and I was eating fast/junk food 2 to 3 times per day. In turn, I've gained what looks like 10 lbs or fat, loosing muscle mass as well and I sit at 193-195 respectively. Today is a great day because I'm putting an end to all this. I'm off to the gym right after this post and I'm going to start a brand new HST cycle.

    I will need your help with putting a program that will inc operate dead-lifts, mainly as to how to properly alternate them with squats.

    Thank you in advance!

    Happy New Year to everyone and I look forward to read about all your accomplishments this year!
  7. stain

    stain Member

    I have been working, but not posting... So far it's been fairly straight forward, it seems that I've kept most of my strength after the long break I took, but only time will tell once 10s and 5s come around...

    What I did did different in the last workouts over my last cycle:

    -switched from DB Press to BB Press, reason being is that I can make smaller weight gains 5lbs vs. 10lbs. however, it's proving harder on my weak right shoulder... it feels like it's hitting the shoulder in a different way so I'll continue with caution.

    -added Dead Lifts finally! Heard headed (almost) never learn. I'ts been challenging, I was worried about my form so I had one of the trainers there watch me and correct me. I was doing good.

    -I made bigger spreads from workout to workout, meaning that my start weight is lower as opposed to last time around.

    -I also increased my maxes by 15-20lbs on almost all exercises.

    -and started 15s with 1 set this time around.. I will make up some of the lost load with increase in maxes on my exercises.

    Question: Am I not working my lower body hard enough by doing squats every other workout?


    Goal: Go to 200lbs, with minimal fat gain... next cycle would be a keto diet/cutting challenge...

    This is my last for workouts...

    15s - Day 1
    Bench Press 75x1
    Seated Cable Row 80x1
    Squats 95x1
    BB Press 55x1
    Calf Raises 100x1
    DB Shrugs 30x1
    Tri Cable Ext. 60x1
    EZ Bar Curls 35
    Dead Lifts -alternate w/ Squats

    15s - Day 2
    Bench Press 85x1
    Seated Cable Row 90x1
    Squats - alter.
    BB Press 55x1
    Calf Raises 110x1
    DB Shrugs 35x1
    Tri Cable Ext. 70x1
    EZ Bar Curls 40x1
    Dead Lifts 95x1

    15s - Day 3
    Bench Press 95x1
    Seated Cable Row 100x1
    Squats 105x1
    BB Press 65x1
    Calf Raises 120x1
    Shrugs 40x1
    Tri Cable Ext. 80x1
    EZ Bar Curls 45x1
    Dead Lifts -alter.

    15s - Day 4
    Bench Press 105x1
    Seated Cable Row 110x1
    Squats -alter.
    BB Press 70x1
    Calf Raises 130x1
    Shrugs 45x1
    Tri Cable Ext. 90x1
    EZ Bar Curls 45x1
    Dead Lifts 110x1
  8. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Nice work! Welcome back to the forum. I only do squats and deads for lower body and that, coupled with jumping rope for my calves is plenty. I'd say deads, squats, and calf raises are all you need.
  9. stain

    stain Member

    Thanks! :) Although I don't really feel like I left at all since I've been following the forums whenever I got a chance...

    I'll proceed with the current exercises... thank you for reassurance again!

    I'm getting bigger for sure... my scale says 197-198 lbs. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS here we come!

    Yesterday's work:

    15s - Day 5
    Bench Press 115x1 clustered
    Seated Cable Row 120x1
    Squats 115x1
    BB Press 75x1 clustered
    Calf Raises 140x1
    Shrugs 50x1
    Tri Cable Ext. 100x1
    EZ Bar Curls 55x1 clustered
    Dead Lifts -alter.

    Now, the clustered exercises where due to me abusing myself with lack of sleep during the work week and it caught up with me... I plan to finish 15s strong tomorrow after work, then I'm starting with 10s as of Wed or Thurs depending on my work schedule.
  10. stain

    stain Member

    10s - Day 4
    Bench Press 135x2
    Seated Cable Row 135x2
    Squats alter.
    Machine Shoulder Press 75x1, 85x1
    Calf Raises 200x1,250x1
    Shrugs 65x2
    Dead Lifts 135x2

    I've been working hard in and out of gym, hence the laziness in the journal.. Now, I was sick so I took a week off and yesterday was the first day back and I felt stronger than ever under the bar. Mind you I went to bed on time for the past few days and what a difference (duhh)! That being said, I'm sticking with the major lifts. I'm adding more weight because I've been playing it way to safe... Shoulder feels good, I'll stick to the machine presses because doing BB was risking injury..

    I'm going away to Europe again this summer and I want to be in even better shape than last year so I have a lot of work ahead of me... cheers!
  11. stain

    stain Member

    ...and ACTION!

    Quick post: I'm off to Europe in 47 Days! Need to focus!

    I've taken a break on heavy training the past couple of months and have learned a great deal about nutrition, mostly through the works or Lyle McDonald and such and I've been experimenting with CKD and had decent results with fat loss, and muscle retention at the same time (consistent muscle size measurements for a period of 40 days or so..)

    Now, I'd like to combine TKD (Targeted Ketosis Diet) along with HST... eating carbs only around my 3 x week workouts.

    Has anybody done that here? Thank you!
  12. stain

    stain Member

    Why reinvent the wheel? Well, mainly because... no seriously, how did I miss Lyle's UD2.0 ? It's cool that he talks about HST as well in his book... I've started the program as of today since it's the only one that fits my lifestyle and my schedule. I'll keep it updated on here...

    I'm excited for it for sure... :D
  13. stain

    stain Member

    Hi everyone! Guess who's back on HST after a solid year and a half? ME!

    Since my last posting here I've gone through some up and downs in my fitness life.. after the last post, if I can remember I tried starting up Ultimate Diet 2.0 and I don't think I went far with it... after my vacation my lifestyle and work changed and I was slowly but surely becoming fat and out of shape... Then came Jan. 1 of 2012, I made a decision that Enough was Enough. I joined a friendly fitness competition of 90 days and that was it... I read Ultimate Diet 2.0 few times (not the sharpest tool in the toolbox sometimes), read the Rapid-Fat Loss Diet, countless articles on and during 2nd half of the year dabbled and applied the Leangains approach of Intermittent Fasting to my already bulletproof UD2 approach and... I'm faster, stronger and more fit than I ever was in my life. Pics to follow.

    I just took a two week vacation to Europe, and I'll consider that as my SD and I'll use my old routine but with higher numbers :D

    Some PRs that I've accomplished just before my vacation.

    Flat Bench Press 250 lbs x 4
    Pullups BW (190lbs) + 80 lbs x 4
    Leg Press 630 lbs x 5
    Dips BW + 100 lbs x 5

    One of my new absurd goals is to be able to do a one-hand pull-up on my 30th birthday (maybe not quite at the party, perhaps before..) that's May 4, 2014... My friend estimates I'll need to be doing pullups with 3 plates.. I'm almost at 2 now.. Crazy? It's worth a try to say the least...


    Before: Jan 1, 2012 @ 201 lbs, approx 22% body fat
    After: March 31, 2012 @ 185 lbs, approx 16-17% body fat


    Dec. 20, 2012 @ 167 lbs, approx 10-11% body fat - Keep in mind this was glycogen depleted, and dehydrated state (for another friendly competition), walking around weight when Carbed-up, my true weight at the time, I'd say was 178 lbs.

    The camera angle also made my already big head ever bigger... which is not the look I want anyway...

    Since, I've been bulking, but not tracking my calories which is pissing me off as I'm gaining too much fat.. right now I'm sitting at 185 lbs, and looking to put on few pounds of muscle before I start cutting for the summer again... Cutting I can and Know how to do... it's easy.. Bulking, that's new territory...

    Hope everyone on there is doing well and is healthy and happy..... :)

    Looking forward to your input as well!

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  14. stain

    stain Member

    Week 1 of 15's complete... Can't say it was easy since I've been training for strength for so long, and I wasn't used to higher rep training...

    I've had a weekend training partner since last spring and since we both had similar goals, our training regiments have pretty much been the same... He's also doing HST at the same time... We'll definitely help each other out the most doing 5's and 3's last few weeks of the cycle.

    My nutrition tracking was really off this past week, and starting today I'm changing that... I want to minimize fat gain doing this cycle, and at the same time make sure I'm hitting my macros....
  15. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    Looking pretty cut. Time to bulk for sure. Go slow at first, since metabolism is all tweaked out after that cut.
  16. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah you look awesome. Welcome back.
  17. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Wow, looking pretty awesome. Pretty awesome ab symmetry too, your genetics definitely didn't suck in that area.

    Just for context, what is the arm measurement in the cut pic?
  18. stain

    stain Member

    I believe 14 inches in the bottom picture... and as I mentioned, this was not my 'walking around' weight... Since I've been following Ultimate Diet 2.0 protocols I knew how to fully deplete myself of glycogen and water, and even further with hot water submersion to reduce my body weight, and look as cut as I do.... Money was on the table here :)

    I'd say I have good genes, at least when it comes to strength (I've put up some impressive numbers in my high school gym), however, this year was the first time I've even seen my abs...

    And it's good to be back guys, thanks again! :)
  19. christee94

    christee94 New Member


    Found this whole thread really interesting and basing my routine on what you did. Plan to start on wednesday. Did you find it was better with Dips and Chins or without? Currently I have them in, but noticed you changed later on and got rid of them.

  20. stain

    stain Member

    Hey Chris, I believe that initially two years ago I kept my routine very close to the "sample" one found on the HST website. You may notice that my chins/pullups initially were not strong enough to do my body weight (and to keep adding weight to the belt), so I "progresively overloaded" with increased number of reps...and I only intoduced them later in 10s or in my case currently in 5s. I just love dips and chins so I threw them in.. One thing I'll tell you about heavy dips (my current body weight at 200lbs + 80-90lbs on the belt) is that they are very hard on my shoulders, especially 3-4 sets in. I'll think twice about doing them again.

    To simplify all of this, I would/will only do exercices that I can do throughout the program. Lat pull-down and rows for back, flat bench and pec fly/incline bench for chest...

    Start up a thread if you haven't already, I'd love to see your progress, thoughts and feedback throughout..have fun!

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