Weight Incrementts


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Hi everyone. Im not new to HST but the first time i went through the routine i had great size results without the weight increments (i didnt know i needed to increase the weight each workout). My strenght stayed the same throught my firrst cycle.

I am doing more reading and just found out about weight increments. Are they manditory? With some excersizes i would have to start with 0lbs. i tried this and i feel very unsatisfied with my workouts until i reach my 6th workout:p

Could you guys enlighten me a bit?
Yes, they are mandatory. Any given weight will cease to be effective within a relatively short timeframe (2-3 weeks), being more pronounced for experienced bodybuilders.
And you must have had at least some increments, when moving through the reps ranges?

Anyway, if you are using fixed increments eg. 5 lbs, try using percentages instead. I'd suggest somewhere betweet 2 and 5% of your RM, per increment.
Yes i did have increments after each 2 weeks, but not withing the 2 week period. Thanks alot! that clarified things up.
If you did not gain any strength your first cycle then something is wrong with your diet. Even though you didn't do it right and your cycle was not laid out the way a proper HST cycle should be, you still should have made some gains. This points right to your diet. Were you cutting back calories?
Remember, diet is more important than lifting. You have to have both in check for success with your cycles, but there is no point in lifting if you do not have a proper diet. First, you need to have a clear goal - either bulking or cutting - and then you need to eat the correct amount of calories for your goal. What was your diet like during your first cycle, meaning how much protein were you taking in and how many calories?
Also, what is your current bodyweight, height and rough estimate of bodyfat percentage?