What Causes Soreness

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Singleton, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Typically, assuming no obvious injury, micro trauma or slight tearing of muscle tissue.
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    Stepping in front of a moving bus ?

    Edit: Sorry, that's the first thing that came to mind and I just coudn't resist [​IMG]
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    Calcium stimulates muscle fibres to contract. Calcium ions accumulate within the muslce fibre causing the release of protease (ase basically means to break down, so protease is to break down protein) that results in muscle fibre breakdown. The soreness is due to the "formation of degraded protein components", or dead tissue. The body initiates a clean-up phase. The muscle produces a stress protein to stop further damage. Histamine, serotinin, potassium and others accumulate and this causes inflammation. Once these substances reach a certain level they activate nerve endings. This could be why it is 24-48 hours later that you get doms, after the accumulation of these substances.
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    this makes me laff
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    How come after you have a long break from working out , and the first day you workout , you get SUPER SORE , but if you continu working out daily you dont get sore anymore ( or very very little soreness ) ? arent the muscle still ripping ?
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    Whatever causes it, i value it, partly due to a (somewhat unjustified) belief that it is correlated with growth; but also coz i can feel my muscles much more viscerally than usual.
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    Thats because its not the microtrauma that is causing the pain directly, its how the body reacts to the trauma. The tramua can still happen without the pain, becuase the body changes its way it reacts to the prostaglandins involved.
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    if i dont feel sore the day after the workout does it mean that i could have workedout alot harder ?

    My first workout i felt sore on my whole body , now after workouts im very very little sore...
    I tried to workout pretty hard my last workout to see if i could get soreness the day after ( today ) , i dit 1 more set of everything that i did , and today im not feeling very sore either...

    is soreness in anyway related to the effectiveness of a workout ? or not ... i dont know why but i feel like i had a much better workout when im sore... cuz i can feel it
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    Read the thread again Louno. Soreness means nothing.
  12. Louno

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    right. sorry bout that :confused:
  13. Scott S

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    No worries. Just don't get disappointed when you don't get sore. In HST-land, it's helpful to not be sore. :)

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