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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Lance, Jun 18, 2005.

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    Much of what you just said is anecdotal!
    Point #1: Yes it is true that humans have been cooking for thousands if not millions of years...this point i was NOT debating! I was just pointing out that it has only been considered to be unhealthy only in the last 50 to 100 years and can be traced to social/economic reasons....NOT scientific.
    Point#2: It makes all of the difference in the world! If your family heritage has been fed predominantly grains, than it makes absolutely no sense to feed yourself all meat(atkins, south beach,etc)...does it? Once again, much of the dietary changes have been in the past 100 years...a blink of an eye in human evolution!
    Point #3: I agree with the first part of your statement, but not the second...look above for my reply.
    Point #4: Have I once tried to sell you on a product or suppliment? You can find out your metabolic type by searching for it...my goal here is not to make money, but to simply show that there are other points of view when it comes to nutrition...ones that aren't grounded in "bought-science."
    Point#5: As for my body being smarter than "I" think..."I" have a pretty good understanding of how smart the body really is...unfortunately if your body is given the wrong type of food, it doesn't matter how smart it is, it will break down. Would you feed a lion grass and a giraffe meat? Would you feed cattle grains instead of grass....oh wait...they already do that! As for the body continuing to do so, if you look into the combined statisitics...this is exactly what it isn't doing. There are more miscarrages, birth defects, cancer, diabetes then ever before and it's not simply because they eat "SH$tty" food.
  2. nellyboy

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    Lucretius, the Roman philosopher once said,"One man's food is another man's poison."
    This is the laymans explanation of metabolic typing. Metabolic typing is actually a very complex lifestyle eating plan that has been researched for many years (longer than almost all of the other "diets"). It was pioneered by a man named Dr. Weston A. Price and later expanded upon by researchers such as William Wolcott and Trish Fahey. Prices' book, "Nutrion and Physical Degeneration" is a foundational resource for many of the new nutrtionists and the book, "The Metabolic Typing Diet" by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey simply elaborate on Dr. Prices' groundbreaking work.
    It is founded on the priciple that any food or nutrient can have virtually opposite biochemical influences in different people.
    "Over thousands of years of evolutionary history, people in different parts of the world developed very distinct nutritional needs in response to a whole range of variables, including climate and geography and whatever plant and animal life their environments had to offer." (Metabolic Typing Diet pg.3)
    If anyone is interested in what I have to say, let me know and I'll elaborate.
  3. Clarify this, what are you saying here? What has only been considered unhealthy in the last 50 years? Tell you what, not trying to be rude here but never mind, I honestly don't want to know.

    What does this have to do with it? 1. What your parents ate? again this is an environmental influence. Metabolically speaking, and non anecdotally, the human metaboilsm can convert all types of food into energy, no matter what your parents ate or where they were from. If you ingest the needed nutrients you will survive.

    I never said YOU were, what I said in a very polite way is your are believing in the hype that is put out by people trying to sell their unfounded notions on how the human being should eat, IE Blood Type Diets, Metabolic Profile Diets, Cave Man Diets, Atkins Diets, Mediteranian Diet, South Beach and all the rest, none of which is proven in any peer reviewed literature that they provide anything different than good ole healthy common sense and a well balance diet. And if I am wrong then please show me the peer reviewed science that say's it is.

    Wrong type of food? See this is were we somewhat agree but your terminology is skewed, I would prefer to say not enough of the proper nutrients, not the wrong food.

    Nelly, believe me, you don't want me to start posting studies.
  4. nellyboy

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    You go ahead and post your "peer-reviewed", "scientifically-proven", BOUGHT AND PAID FOR studies that show completely conflicting evidence! What do you consider a "balanced diet?" Is this the same diet that is presented as the Food Guide Pyramid? Because I sure hope not! Obviously something has gone wrong with it...they are changing it aren't they? To a more INDIVIDUALIZED approach...hmm, kinda what I've been saying. Not that it's any better than the old pyramid, but atleast they're owning up to the fact that they screwed up. Do you realize that the original pryamid was nearly up-side-down until the dairy and grain industries threw some of their money around?
    On to your point about the metabolism.
    Absolutely, of course your body will use what it can get out of the foods, but let's have an example: what happens if you are a slow oxidizer and you eat alot of heavier foods in a particular meal?
    Here's another great example of the food industries misleading the public with studies:
    If you look on the dairy councels' website, they post all of the nutritional amounts for all of their food products...but in a small paragraph on the second page, they state (i'm paraphasing) that the individual amounts of each product vary due to bioavailability! This is kind of a startling statement, since this totally negates all of the information in this highly sited study! I know I'm off the subject a little, but since you were about to post all of your studies that "prove" me wrong, I felt that it was applicable.
    somebody once said that it is easier to prove someone or something wrong than right! seems to me like the observations of the world surrounding us is doing the former more so than the latter.
  5. nellyboy

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    here's another point i like to make concerning these "studies." weren't there studies out there PROVING that vioxx was completely safe? or DDT or ephedra or Depo or asbestos or...and the list goes on and on and on.

    if you give me 10 articles showing one point, i can almost always find you 10 articles showing the exact opposite.

    do you work with clients clinically?
  6. Aaron_F

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    People who usually complain about studies are unequipped to actually understand them

    and look you go and prove it with comments like

  7. the_dark_master

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    Aha! That explains why there's a french restaurant/kebab shop in nearly every town in England - it's to keep the "foreigners" alive; mmm, never thought of it that way before... Nellyboy - have you any German ancestry in your bloodline?
  8. Let me make this simple then I'm done. Your body and my body when it comes to retrieving energy from foods works the same way, it doesn't matter where my ancestors came from or where yours came from.

    Enjoy your "traditional" foods.
  9. Dood

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    Wow. If your grandparents ate mostly grains you can't eat a piece of fish? Nah, I'm not even going to get involved in this one.
  10. I probably shouldn't have either there Dood, but I just couldn't resist the temptation. [​IMG]
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    hahahaha wow
  12. Chthonian

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    Burn him. Burn him at the cross.
  13. Old and Grey

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    I haven't read this whole thread, just this page. However, there is an interesting theory that you can tell the best type of foods for your body based on your blood type. O positve blood types, for example, thrive best on red meats, or so they say. I forget the recommended diets for the other blood types. It seems to have worked work  with the people I know who have had their blood/diets analyzed. It may just be a bunch of garbage but it sounds interesting anyway. As I recall, the theory was that O+ was the first blood type in "modern" man and that is why those blood types do best on a red meat diet...back to the caveman and all that sort of stuff. I don't remember what was said about other blood types but they mutated from O+ and therefore need a different type of diet.

    Before somebody flames me, I am just passing this on as an interesting viewpoint. I don't know if this theory is good, bad or neutral and have not researched it. However, if anyone has had any first hand experience with it, I would enjoy hearing about it. By the way, I am O + and have eaten red meat at least twice a day my whole life and my arteries are clean as a whistle. I also hate fish and do not care for many cooked veggies. I usually prefer veggies raw. Maybe there is something to it? :confused:
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    O&G, seems interesting to read what you were talking about with blood types and diet... have a reference to it?

    And adding to the comments from earlier about this guy's diet.. wtf?? If you don't cook meat, you're asking for trouble.. "If it's red in the middle, it's cooked too little" I thought we learned these things when we were kids, but I guess this guy forgot.
  15. nellyboy

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    so how is it that dr. roger williams found the exact opposite almost 80 years ago. He found that "the internal anatomical characteristics of human beings were every bit as variable as their external characteristics." he also found many other chemical individualities present in humans sometimes up to a thousand-fold!

    aaron f,

    your comment on my understanding of studies makes me laugh! what i'm trying to show is that studies aren't always the gold standard of science. you have to actually READ the whole study before coming to a conclusion, you also have to investigate where the funding came from and who were the researchers. some other factors to consider: the parameters set, the protocol used, etc. and of course you read only what you wanted to and skipped over the most important part about the fact that studies don't exactly have a great past now do they?


    i never said that you CAN'T eat a certain food, what i am saying however is that that food will not be AS beneficial as say a pound of asparagas would be to your bodies cells (just an example). and that is my point about metabolic typing is that it happens on a cellular level.

    do any of you who posted so eloquently, work with clients on a regular basis? and if so, are any of them sick...if you don't know the answer to that, then you're in the wrong business! also if you don't work with clients/patients then you really have no place in this conversation, since you will be posting only reguratated information.
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    So is sushi inherently "dangerous" to eat? Or is it a "special case?" I eat it all the time...
  17. Nelly, do me a favor, if you would be so kind.
    Since you do not wish to speak of anecdotal evidence then please post the actual study, citation or a link to it so we may at least read it.

    We have some very intelligent people here with the knowledge to understand clinical trials and studies and I would appreciate instead of just naming names of Doctors or posting excerpts from their Books, give us the courtesy to review the works ourselves.

    Also please understand that the foundation of understanding in science in the 1920 and 30's was and is a little bit different than what we know today. Granted some of the basics are very much still relevant (some aren't) but many older ideas have long since been refuted.
  18. Old and Grey

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    I ate raw buffalo meat (tongue) once and it was awful. I like my meat cooked with only a little pink inside. I also would not eat raw fish. Yuk! I did acquire a taste for snakes and scorpions while in China though. Cooked, of course.

    And, since I don't work with clients/patients, just customers, and therefore am not eititled to opine on this subject, I think I will go and regurgitate the 3 beef hot dogs I had for lunch. Tonight is burger and beans night! God's gift to us O+ types.

    Colby, I don't have a link to any of that info since I only heard about it by word of mouth. I think it is big with a lot of Naturopaths, Chiropracters, etc. However, I am sure you could google something like blood type and diets and find some sources.
  19. Dood

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    dang it, you sucked me back in with this one.
    80 years ago?
    80 years ago they were still arguing about evolution and whether or not blacks were a separate species for christs sake!!
    I guess some are still arguing the same things today though :mad:
    What credible medical professional today seriously thinks "the internal anatomical characteristics of human beings were every bit as variable as their external characteristics." ? And I'm talking about in any meaningful way?
    And how would someone of mixed heritage even know what they were "supposed" to eat? I don't mean just bi-racial, but many who are multi racial for generations. Each of their ancestors could have had completley different diets. [​IMG]
  20. Dood

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    Sushi is usually, (should be), very fresh fish that is carefully inspected and carefully handled, so the risk is lower, however it does exist.

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