What Is The Best Bulk Cut Duration?


is it like 2 hst bulk cycles followed by 1 cut cycle? Like gain 8 to 10 kg, next lose 4 to 5 and so on?
I would say it's personal choice really for me last year I used the winter months to slowly bulk up to ~190 (Sep to 01 Jan) and then slowly cut to reach goal summer weight (this year is 175 I think but may drop to 170 as last year) at some point in May/June and then maintain through the remainder of the summer until September and repeat
it's hard not to panic at times and doubt whether you're doing things right. I'm gaining at a rate of 1 lbs or 0,5kg per week since one and a half cycle (three weeks left in the current one). I'm thinking now if this is still too fast and I should slow it down? Psychologically I feel 1lbs a week is better then 0,5 lbs. You can't even measure that.

is a 1lbs weight gain a week more justified and forgiving in terms of fat gain when training 5 days a week?

This time I would like to add a third bulk cycle to be at least 180 lbs or 80kg. Then cut back to 76. Initially I wanted to go up to 85 first, but I see this will probably be a bad idea
Personally I try and aim for 0.5 to 1 lb per week whether I am bulking or cutting, some weeks it maybe more or less than that.
Anything smaller then a 0,5 kg gain a week is hard to monitor. See I can lose up to 1,5 kg overnight on training days but as low as 0,5 kg on off days. So aiming for something small is not practical.

I had the idea of being 85kg at the end of the year and it's hard to let go of that. People tell me I get fat so maybe I need a cut after this cycle already. I could drop back to around 12% from 16% BF. Pants would be less tight. Beer belly no more and by the end of the year I could still be 80 kg. 11 more then begin this year. Might be pretty good.

Trying to wrap my head around this.

You need to look at weight loss / gain over a longer period of time - for instance I have set my average daily caloric intake at my weight on my Friday morning weigh in multiplied by 13.5 giving me this week a daily target 'nett' calorie intake of 2393 kcals and this multiple has been used for the last 4 weeks. My weekly average weight loss over this period is 0.825 lbs but the weight lost each week has been 0.9, 1.3, 0.0 (alcohol involved) and 1.1.
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