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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by woolamai24, Oct 10, 2008.

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    A mate showed me this site the other day and i reckon its awesome so here i am.

    I started training seriously last year with my dad, an ex bodybuilder and gained about 6kg of muscle. But then i found out i had glandular fever and stupidly stopped training.

    I have tried to get back since, but a broken hand and now shoulder problems are keeping me out. Getting it checked out Monday and hopefully ill get the green light.

    Ill finalize my program and put it up here over the next week or two. I am doing a pretty standard HST routine so hopefully i can avoid injury.

    Would love any advice you fellas have and and would be great to talk to some other guys who have had shoulder injuries. Cheers!
  2. woolamai24

    woolamai24 New Member

    Got a physio to have a look at my shoulder today, could have sub acromial bursitis. Getting an Xray and a diagnostic ultrasound tomorrow and if if is swollen ill be getting a cortisone injection so ill be out for another week or two arrrgh! But hopefully its not that bad and they might say its ok. I've got a rough outline so far of my program but i still need to figure out the weight for most exercises.

    Week 1+2: 2x15 reps

    Squats/Leg press
    Leg curls
    Calf raise
    Bench press/Incline Bench Press
    Dips/Cable Flies
    Shoulder Press/Lateral Raises
    Rear Delt raise
    Lat pull downs
    Seated Rows
    Dumbbell preacher curls/ Dumbbell Curls
    Skull Crushers/Seat Tricep Ext
    Tricep dips/Pushdowns
    Back extension

    A/B, ill be alternating these exercises each workout. I'm gonna try treat the two main heads of tris as separate muscles which is why ill be doing two exercises each workout, one with shoulder flexion and one in extension. I've always struggled with developing my arms, I'm not sure about doing only 2 sets for biceps but my mate assured me ill be dead by the end of the second week.

    I'll be back soon to put up how much I'll be lifting for each exercise.
  3. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    I had AC joint issues for about a year. The pain and soreness came on after about six months of benching. I stopped benching but was able to continue with dips during the year that followed. (Probably if I had also stopped dipping my AC joints would have healed faster.)

    I researched bench technique during this down time and found may points that I needed to address. After a year my AC joints felt good enough to try introducing bench slowly back into my schedule. I kept the loads low and worked on my technique (adducted shoulder blades etc.) until I felt confident in adding weight.

    Since that time I have made my best bench lift ever at 286lb for a single; now my goal is to lift at least 300lb.

    I still get slight ACJ soreness after a hard bench session but so far it hasn't flared up again and always settles down before the next session. I think the corrections I made in my technique helped the most so I would recommend reading up on this and then practicing with light loads if you think this is a problem for you too.
  4. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    As far as your routine goes: I reckon you have too many exercises.

    I'd scrap cable flyes and alternate bench (flat or inclined) with dips.

    I'd also do chins (and/or pull-ups) instead of cable pull-downs (except perhaps for 15s) and alternate with rows.

    I'd do shoulder work after back work to give them a bit of extra time to recover from the chest work.

    Throw some deads in at least once a week (brutal but you will like the results).

    One bi and tri exercise should be plenty each session if you have worked your upper body hard (which you should have). In this case, it is often a good idea to use exercises which emphasise stretch in the muscles (stretch point movements); for bis that would mean seated incline db curls (lower out to side and really feel the stretch) and for tris, skulls or overhead tri extensions. One or two sets of each should be fine for 15s; two for 10s; and two or three during 5s.
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    Thanks heaps for the advice. I sort of thought i had anterior instability but the physio cleared that, i have been doing a tonne of rotator cuff work though and things do feel a lot better. I have also been training lower traps heaps to keep my scapula fixed so I'll definitely keep that in mind when I'm doing bench. Once the inflammation clears it should be 100% after about a week and then as I'm starting bench only 2 sets a session and starting really light it should go pretty well.

    Yeah my mate does this program and he always tells me to do less sets. I used to do like twelve sets per body part with my dad per workout so it seems weird doing so little. I’ll take your word for it though.

    I’ll do your chest idea as well just to avoid shoulder probs, but then how do you isolate the clavicular head?

    I don’t reckon id have a chance at getting 15 chin ups so ill prob do lat pull downs to build up strength and rows to focus on rhomboids. I’ll chuck chins in when I’m on 10’s.

    Shoulders after back, beautiful.

    Ill have a go at some deadlifts too, i see all the power lifters at the gym and they are yuge.

    As for arms, good advice, ill cut down on sets, but i do love my preacher curls, ill alternate em with incline db curls.

    I'll put my program up again when i have figured out all the weights. Thanks again
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    Quick question, i think i get acne from protein powders, anyone have the same thing happen or know how to solve it perhaps?
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    woolamai24 New Member

    Alright went down to the gym today to sort out my 15RM's and I have finalized my program. First session is tomorrow.

    Starting off I weigh 71kg at about 178cm tall. I have pretty good shape but I want to get heaps bigger especially my arms. I'm looking to get to around 85kg next year.

    Arms: 13''
    Calves: 13.25''
    Thighs: 20''
    Chest: 37''
    Shoulders: 44.75''

    Here's my program for the next two weeks. (All 2x15RM)
    (Plus Bar if applicable)

    Squats 88 Leg Press 150
    Leg Curls 50
    Calf Raises 200
    Bench 80
    Chins BW-40 Pull Downs 120
    Seated Rows 100
    Sh Press 80 Lat Raises 20
    Rear Delt 25
    Preacher 25 Incline DB Curls 25
    Inc Skulls 25 Push Downs 45
    Back Ext BW + 22

    Ill chuck in some dead lifts after these first two weeks unless someone really good at the gym can teach me how to do em well.

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