yeap buddy! 3rd cycle

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    I think you're doing great; you've come way up in strengths and are dedicated. Your Pendlay's could use another 50lbs., but I think everybody's Pendlays could use another 50 lbs...

    Weight gain is up to the individual, but I'll say this: bulking takes almost 2 weeks to get used to; it's a bad feeling at first, until the gut and body adapts. Cutting I can't say; for me, a cut is 2-3 days lower cals and I fall to temptations. I'm a baaaad boy. [​IMG]

    You're gonna be a curl machine, but your inclines are balancing it out. I see little lower pec work here; you must be good in that respect. My cycles last year with incline db's really made a difference in my tiny pecs.
    As for the weather:
    "Just because the weather's gloomy, the mood is not mandatory!" [​IMG]
  2. hmm another 50 ibs for rows is kinda a lot u know.
    not sure if such a great leap is wise but i'll think over it.
    we all fall into temptations.. gets worse with the festive
    seasons but hey... it's only once a year.

    well, i dun do much lower pec work cause of time
    constraint & i think a thick upper chest looks better
    than a lower chest & as for curls... dun think i'll keep
    increasing as i've this forearm pain in my left arm
    & it's only when doing ez curls this problem is not
    so obvious but then again i'm not powerlifting so...

    oh & i won't exactly call u a guy with tiny pecs
    u look quite thick yrself cept maybe for the waistline. [​IMG]
  3. wk 7 23 Dec 07 sun day 1

    it really feels funny. so fast
    it's alridi wk 7 but for some reason
    i alridi feel like all e pump or intensity
    was reached by wk 5 & 6, then i remember
    i got another 2 wks to go.

    anyway, today is supposed to be a non
    trg day but morrow being christmas eve
    i work half day & in a mood so bringing
    it forward.

    am thinking of doing something different
    later in bout an hr time (got bread & milk
    stuffed in me now, so digesting) prob
    some heavier weights but w smith machine
    aid. dun trust them weekend warriors who
    know nothing bout spotting to aid me.

    will post my actual workout later, prob
    instinctive for a change though still be
    full body workout. [​IMG]

    Ronnie Coleman - "aint nothing but a peanut!"
  4. wk 7 23 Dec 07 sun day 1

    i think the holiday seasons really has a way
    of sapping yr energy away. I'd rather hibernate
    workout was not exactly yeap buddy ronnie coleman
    style, some of e sets actually had to be compromised

    1) smith machine squats (instead of usual barbell squat)
    225 ibs x 3 x 1 (it was really fortunate tat i was using a
    smith, else it would really be a headturner getting stuck
    rite at the 1st rep under a normal bar)
    195 ibs x 6 x 2

    2) incline barbell press: 155 ibs x 5 x 3
    3) pendlay rows: 135 ibs x 5 x 3
    4) front military press: 110 ibs x 5 x 3
    5) barbell shrugs: 185 ibs x 5 x 3
    (ex 2 to 5 were e normal sets)

    6) close grip bench press: 135 ibs x 15 x 2
    (just din have energy for 5s)
    7) seated side lateral raises: 10 kg x 10 x 2
    8) alternate dumbbell curls standing: 10 kg x 5 x 3

    ok ta's it. done. totally sapped. i just wanna lie down
    & not move at all..... [​IMG]
  5. quadancer

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    Maybe you and I are the only ones who worked out this weekend! I intend to finish off rows and do some arms today since I'll be in Savannah until wed.
    The trick now is not to eat too much. Ugh.
    Have you tried moving your grip width in and out on the Pendlays? Your best strength may not be where you're most comfortable when just grabbing the bar. For me, using a Smith machine just feels wrong: I doubt I could even lift as much, so that could have been your problem; it's out of your groove.
  6. savannah? where tat quadancer? south africa?
    oh pls, it's holiday season, just go out & eat
    everything u want (in moderation of course).

    i dun like smith machines tat much either esp
    when training legs. sometimes they're useful
    when u just wana concentrate on tat body part
    without stabilising muscles..

    as for grip on pendlay rows, won't moving
    my hands too far apart kinda be dangerous?
    but i'll experiment thanks for e tip.

    looking at how my body is reacting, i'm actually
    thinking of ending my workout at wk 7 ie. now
    & scrape wk 8, so I'll do my deconditiong now
    as u got christmas then new year's eve & new yr

    chances are i'll do it 85%. my body really feels
    beat up. [​IMG]
  7. quadancer

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    Savannah Georgia USA.
    I find that on holidays there is a better variety of foods, and I simply partake with a scoop of each rather than normal portions, but of course I'm not the King Of Cut either, so I have to be careful.
    Pendlay's came up a lot for me when I went to slightly wider than shoulder width; I've seen guys do them with a narrow grip too. Up to the individual, I think.
    Sounds like you're about done and ready for SD, or in need of a deload week instead. It's hard to work out when you start feeling crappy. But that's me, most of the time, so I deal with it.
  8. oops pardon my ignorance quadancer, not familar w US states.
    yeah, i've decided over KFC dinner (lol, gf got craving so gotta eat) that I'll start SD from xmas eve all e way till new yr (ie. 9 days)
    before starting cycle 4. christmas!!! hibernation time [​IMG]

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