Yet another holy war (biochemistry stuff)

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Kreuzerkrieg, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Kreuzerkrieg

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    Once upon a time on a forum which is not related to bodybyilding and stuff, a question was asked. A general one about workouts. later on, another question was asked,-"Can you workout fat tissue into muscle?" and then I stepped in and said, no, you cant, it is another myth, you cant do it, acording to biochemistry processes. And then someone else, who knows fancy words like Krebs cycle and beta oxydation said, no, you literally can do it, be fat, start to work and it will be OK. Since I know another fancy word - peptides, I said, no, dude, you cant, coz you cant build proteins without peptides, which you can build only by degrading protein polymers into monomers - amino acids, and then you have to transcript and translate, yes you need lipids to build the cell membrane, but still, it is a fraction of what you need to build a cell and yes, you can extract energy from fat to build the muscle, but the fat is not involved in the building process itself. and then I was told I'm stupid. and I thought, hell, maybe I am, maybe all I know is wrong since I'm do not have a degree in biochemistry?

    Guys, I know, everyone (including myself) consider himself as specialist in nutrition, biochemistry, workouts and bodybuilding. But I'm interested in answer from someone with degree.

    Administration - if there is more suitable thread, please transfer this topic.

    Thanks in advance, guys!
  2. TunnelRat

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    You can't beat "Bro Logic" -- especially Bro Logic that uses big words.

    If you'da said AMPk, or IGF-1, they might have burned you at the stake...

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. dkm1987

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    Seriously, a fat cell can never ever ever be made into a muscle cell no matter what degree you have or don't have. If this gentleman knows how then I would love to talk to him and so would many many others.:D

    Have him explain the difference between Adipogenesis and Myogenesis. That should clear things up.
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  4. Kreuzerkrieg

    Kreuzerkrieg New Member

    Thanks! isnt myogenesis related to embryonic development only?
  5. dkm1987

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    Yes but when you understand how muscle cells are developed you can plainly see that there is no way possible for an adipose cell to convert to a myofiber.

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