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  • Just want to say thanks for your continued support on the forum. Would be great to meet and shake your hand in person some day.
    Hey,can you please tell me how it is possible to do progressive load with dumbell shoulder press because the dumbells go up with 2 kg? My 15 RM is about 14 kg.When i will start with 2 weeks of 15's i should start with 75% of 14kg..that will be is this possible??? And so on with 80%,that will be 11.2kg.Never seen such dumbells.Should i then only do workouts with barbells?Seems to me then so limited because i like and prefer dumbells.Can you also please tell me how to start a thread in a forum,i am new to this.Thanks in advance!
    Hi im thinking of starting this program, after reading the website info. At present ive been doing the 5/3/1 prog. I was just wondering if you could give me some pointers on the design of a program. ive looked at some peoples logs. And they seem to inlcude lots of exercises or very little could you please help. I play rugby so hoping this program will help
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