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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Jester, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    When i first started with a DL bar, i could pull a lot less than wih a stiff bar. Have to be soooo patient from the floor, and felt like I had no quaf drive

    Its a lot more technical than a stiff bar. But when you get it right it feels awesome. Although back on stiff bars now
  2. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    My stiff bar doesn’t have anything like the knurling I need. And the deadlift bar had been atop the wish-list for a while. It took a while to time the legs back in, people don’t factor that in at all.
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  3. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Concurrent training, some conjugate philosophy applied.

    Deads; 1-220, 240, 260.
    GM: 8-160, 2x8-170.
    Buffalo box squats; 3x8-120z
    Belt squats; 17,15,13-140.
    Reverse hypers; 3x15-50, controlled.
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  4. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Seated deads, SG, 3x6-220
    Barbell rows; 5-120, 4x5-170
    One arm lever row; 2x8-100
    Chins, 3x6
    Neck extensions; 2x20-25
    Wrist roller; 2x10-10
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  5. _Simon_

    _Simon_ Active Member

    Heeeee's back ;). Hope you're well
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  6. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Following any program, or training of your own planning?

    Good to see you back logging training again!
  7. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Sort of just a mix of maxes, 6-8s and 10-20s. Not true conjugate without variations, but closeish.

    In theory it’s U-L but I cbf’d pressing very much, so it’s starting to resemble PPL without the push :D. I’ll probably just do some OHP occasionally.
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  8. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Unless you're a powerlifter, bench is over rated anyway IMO
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  9. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Have always felt this way.

    I should actually do a lot more of the high volume stuff for lower body, but 5 sets of 20 in 35degrees C is not motivating.
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  10. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Dead’s; 1-220, 240, 270. Had some left in the tank. Have progressed from 250 to 270 in about 5-6 weeks. I feel as though 280 isn’t far off again. Using a hinge style. Let accessories are GM, Seated Deads and BB rows.

    GM; 3x8-170. As of Thursday, I’ll likely max these out prior to the reps.

    Buffalo box squats; 3x10-120. Westside stance but basically parallel. Hips more than quads.

    Belt squats; 3x17-140. Quads more than hips.

    Leg extension; single leg, 20,16,16-50.

    Leg curl; single leg, 3x15-20z

    reverse hyper; 3x10-50z have adapted how I do these to previous use. They’re fantastic.
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  11. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Seated DL; 3x8-220, snatch grip. Pretty sure I may tear a lat chasing the back gains that these bring.

    BB rows; 10-120, 4x5-170, 3x15-120. Heavy sets will start getting reps added now.

    Chins; 3x1-negative. Then 5x6.

    Wrist extensions; 3x10-10, fat bar.
  12. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Seated OHP; 5x10-40kg. Slowly going to work back into this.

    My landmine attachment finally arrived, 3 months later, so that press will get thrown in there too.
  13. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    ^^^ is just about convinced that concurrent periodisation is optimal after this morning’s session.
  14. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Deads; 1-220, 240, 270. RPE was 8.5-9, which tells me 280 is almost certainly there.

    GM; 1-120,160,180,200. 3x6-180. Haven’t had 200
    On my back in a long long time. Probably six years or so. Plenty in the tank. Sold my SSB to basically swap for a cambered squat bar, and I’m confident that I can get this lift up to the 600lb/270 mark this year.

    Box squats; 3x6-130. I couldn’t get the barbell in the right place, each rep felt like a grinder. Will soldier on next session.

    Belt squats; 3x20-140. Time to bump the weight.

    leg curl (unilateral) 3x15-50

    leg ext (unilateral) 3x15-20
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  15. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Seated deads; 3x6-220, SG.

    Rows; 3x6. Had to call these here. One or a combo of either rows, seated deads or doing box squats with my hands at the plates and not having good enough torso position/form has caused some sort lay injury. If it isn’t lag, it’s connective tissue that affects the lat. I’m taking Tuesday’s workout off for a small family trip, which might buy me sufficient time. My initial instinct is that it’s a holdover from my broken rib all those years back, and taking out the seated DLs, or the SG, and finding a different squat position will help.

    Chins; 3x1-neg. 7, 4x6. And this is why I think it’s not purely lat, because you can’t do chins at my weight with a torn lat.

    Landmine rows; 3x45-10. Manageable.

    Landmine press; 3x25-10. Starting off light.
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  16. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Ive got a similar thing at the moment, lats feel like they are cramping or spasming hard as i descend in a squat, hence why my descents have been quite slow lately.
  17. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Upon further investigation and just trying to make it hurt with finger insertions, I think it’s serratus.

    My instinct is that I’ll have to leave out Seated DLs for a little while, which I’m not thrilled about but have to heal up.
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  18. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you just have to back off the gas. Im not over joyed about backing off the LBBS but needs must. My pain is here (yellow circle on pic) so potentially lat, lower trap or posterior serratus. And flates up once weights get to around 70%

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  19. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Mine is definitely serratus (don’t know which), trying to overreach above its station ... bastard
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  20. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Weekend weaklings workout;

    Leg extension, unilateral; 3x15-60.

    Obliques raise; 2x10-50kg. This is how I know it isn’t oblique, but rather is right on/over the ribs.

    Hammer curls with bands, wrist extensions and reverse hypers would normally feature but I was short on time.

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