3,000+ Calorie Intake

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by TheSeeker07, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. TheSeeker07

    TheSeeker07 New Member

    Yeah, so, I need a lot of help to achieve that much Calorie's a day. Anyone wanna try to help me with meals and shiz?
  2. LDU

    LDU New Member

    i have 3500 per day, low fat milk is my best friend!

    Meal 1 - Cup eggwhite, 2 pieces of toast

    Meal 2 1.5 serves Whey 45g protein, 80 grams glucose with water (post workout)

    Meal 3 (lunch) 2 cups rice, 120 grams Chicken breast, apple

    Meal 4, 190g tub yoghurt, 250z low fat milk with 1 serve Whey protein 35g protein, 3 carbs, 2 fat

    Meal 5 Dinner vegetables, 150 grams lean steak, 2 cups rice or pasta.

    Meal 6 25 OZ milk with 1 serve whey and 2 pieces fruit.

    Before bed, 20 oz low fat milk with 1 serve WPC

    Thats around the 3k plus mark on calories. Good luck!
  3. TheSeeker07

    TheSeeker07 New Member

    That's not weird how you have around the same as me haha.

    What is 80 grans glucose?
    What's 190g tub yougurt? Is that just normally yogurt you weighed?
    25 ounces or 250 ounces of low fat milk?! hahaha! Also, I drink 2% fat, what do you drink?
    What's egg white?

    Thanks for the help!
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  4. LDU

    LDU New Member

    The glucose is just dextrose.

    i buy 6 packs of yougurt and they are 190gram tubs. I vary types of yoghurt but all low fat.

    Yep thats 25 ozs not 250! lol! I just use low fat milk, i think its around 3 to 4 grams fat per 100mls

    WPC = Whey protein concentrate

    Egg whites are eggs without the yokes, i buy them in a carton. Theres fat in the yolkes.

    and i use fitday.com to track everything i eat
  5. TheSeeker07

    TheSeeker07 New Member

    Thanks, I'll make my own schedule using the website! :)

    What's wrong with fat in it?
  6. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I assume you are taling about the milk fat? 3% milk is whole milk so 2% isn't really all that different than whole milk.

    There is nothing wrong with the fat unless you are overeating. If you are overeating the fat will be stored preferentially because the bulk of the carbs and protein cannot. So, keeping fat low while eating high calories is just a way of eating as much as possible with as little fat storage as possible.
  7. jvroig

    jvroig Super Moderator

    The egg yolk fat? Eggs have been a source of contention for nutritionists and dieticians for years, as far back as I can remember. There were times when they said "It's bad, and contains high amounts of bad cholesterol", then there will be another article that will say "Actually, we've found it's good cholesterol" and it just goes from there to whatever. The last general consensus that I can remember is that eggs are supposedly ok for everyday eating as long as you don't go crazy on the yolk. For example, see this page from the Mayo Clinic.

    Avoiding the yolk is one way to avoid that hoopla while still gaining the benefits of egg protein, especially if you eat several eggs everyday and don't want to risk all that cholesterol.

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