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  1. My last cycle was a cut and I used GVT with great success. For the first time I was able to keep all my girths except for thighs and waist stable while losing 10 lbs.

    I was so pleased with the high volume results I am going to try an experiment with doing a 3 day split routine 10x10 for each major body part. The only difference is I will be spreading out the sets to 1 every hour.

    Back/Chest: db press 1x10, chins 1x10
    Arms: curl 1x10, tri ext. 1x10
    Legs: squat 1x10, calf raise 1x10, partial deads 1x10

    1 set of each exercise every hour for 10 hours. 5 minutes max of training each hour. 3 days on 1 off. 500 over maint cals.

    Does anyone have any feedback or experience on this kind of training. I would appreicate any thoughts on this from those that have tried it.
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    didnt poloquin do something like that..very interesting ecto you must have plenty of time or work in a gym :D keep us informed size gains fatigue etc :)
  3. Heh. It just so happens I will have a lot of free time for the next few months so I couldn't resist trying this. I have a simple home gym so it's no problem.

    Here are my reasons for trying this:

    1) Spreading out the sets over the day allows one to use a bigger load as opposed to consecutive sets which dramatically lowers the load.

    2) Better nutrient partioning while bulking. Less fat I have to cut later.

    3) Spreading out the sets over the day allows for better CNS and fatigue management.

    4) Generally more volume = more trauma = more growth.

    I'll be using progressive load by starting at my 15RM and raising the load 5% each week until I hit my 10RM. I will increase load when I can do 12 reps with my 10RM.

    This is really more of a HST/GVT hybrid. I am trying to incorporate as many HST principles as possible.

    So far I have done my first split (3 days) with some moderate DOMS. I will run this cycle for 8 weeks.

    I'd like to hear some feedback from the experts (Bryan, dkm, vicious etc). Suggestions for tweaking or criticisms are welcome.
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    The routine seems sound!

    It would definitely be a good idea for someone who works at the gym.
  5. Ok, here are some observations made after one week of training in this fashion.

    I'm only going to take 2 girth reading periods. One at mid cycle and end cycle. So anyone interested will have to wait until then. However, I am taking a weekly weight reading to monitor my caloric level so I can try and maintain at least a 1ib a week gain.

    First weigh-in results in no change. My scale has a 1ib margin of error so I'm not sure if I should ignore it. However, I have noticed that training 5 minutes every hour has raised my metabolism all day with a faster heart rate and increased energy.

    So I suspect that even though the volume and length of work is the same as a 45-50 minute workout my metabolism is elevated for a longer duration resulting in a greater calories burned.

    I am going to bump up the calories from 500 to 750 over maint. Some may think it better to bump it up higher, but I gain fat very easily so I am trying to find the best balance by taking it a little slower.

    Training every hour has certainly created an interesting outlook on daily living. I have a timer that goes off every hour and I just drop what I am doing, and train as quickly as possible, set up the weights for next hour and go back to what I was doing before. Which is sometimes frustrating as I work from home and I seem to lose my train of thought too easily. I wind up spending 5 minutes just trying to relax and settle back in to what I was doing before.

    It's a very strange state of mind to be in. It's kind of like being woken up every hour by an alarm clock, shoveling snow from the walk and jumping back into bed. I will paraphrase vicious here saying "you become your training".

    I have found it neccessary that on one day I had to leave the house to run some errands and lost most of the day. So I changed the frequency to 30 minutes from one hour in order to catch up the missing sets. This didn't work out too badly and I made it with just a little more fatigue than usual.

    One thing I am very pleased with is so far there is no fatigue and I am full blast on every set. We will see how it goes once I get into my RM's.

    Light to moderate DOMS so far. It is fading now, so I suspect by next weeks completion it will be gone.

    I am pumping up and getting 'fuller' in the mirror. However I am coming off an 8 week cut and 2 week SD, so I am most likely glycogen depleted anyway so it's expected and welcome.

    One thing for sure is this type of training is more mentally taxing than physically. This is the kind of training the pros do. It is certainly giving me more new found respect for those guys juiced or not.

    Still very excited and motivated to continue and complete this experiment.
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    Hey Ectoman,

    How's it going? You must be at the end of the 10s by now? Anything new to add?


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