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    Sure, you lose fat when you fast. And you gain it back as soon as you eat again. A net loss only happens through sustained caloric deficit. It doesn't matter what you believe, or what makers 'perfect sense' to you. Your body won't build muscle for five days and cut for two, and certainly won't do it on a 3-1, 2-1 basis.

    No one, beyond their growth spurts and without artificial insistence can build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.

    And no, your body doesn't care what you think your brain understands. It's a set of physiological algorithms that don't get cheated by wishful thinking. If fasting helps you cut, then you'll cut. But caloric intake over a week, a month is what matters. Not how you separate it. Ignoring the studies that have shown this is not going to help you.

    And no (again), you don't fast at night. Food is in your digestive tract. Hell, a meal comprised of meat isn't leaving your stomach for hour/s, let alone getting broken down into nutrients you can absorb. At most you might get a 2-3hour period at the end of your sleep. How much fat are you breaking down? Barely any - you're sleeping !!!! Your caloric needs are a bare minimum.

    Anyway, I'm done with this. Having a conversation when you don't want to follow science is just going to be frustrating. 'Open mind' =/= wishful thinking.
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    I thought I was following science... Ok, never mind, it's best for me to just try how all this works practice and then see. Cheers, and thanks.
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