Argument: Losing fat AND gaining muscle

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    Thank you for the reply. This is very good information. I compete (bodybuilding) on occasion, but never liked the 'hours' of aerobics (and the joint aggravation that comes with it at times), so I was considering some of the higher intensity techniques I've seen mentioned.

  2. Here's a couple of studies showing fat loss and Muscle gain. Note that they were conducted on obese or over weight women. So newbie factor plus high fat/unconditioned muscle is a scenario where this phenomenon can occur.


    Study 2

    Still, if the mechanisms that allow the body to "gain and loose" at the same time can be isolated, explored, examined in a way similar to how Brian has compiled research into HST, then maybe there could be a benefit to fit people with already big muscles and low body fat too.
  3. Here is my take.

    With the kinetics of impatience one cannot cut and gain in parallel.

    WIth patience and proper nutrition and training, it is absolutely possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
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    This is an page from Hugo Rivera's website. He's a HUGE natural bodybuilder and a nutritionist. I believe he built himself on the fatloss/hypertrophy theory.  But here you can find out WHY you eat WHAT:

    and just so you can see more of his stuff, here is the parent url:

    I hear he has some weird training ideas though. Maybe like us HST nuts?

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