banana with whey post workout?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Andy741, Dec 9, 2003.

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    I've used Gatorade in the past with good results (energy wise). But like I mentioned earlier, I already have several lbs. of malto to use up. :confused:

    I used to use Cheerios or Rice Chex post workout all the time. I've noticed that I feel better sooner and my energy levels recover quicker when I use malto, though. But as dianabol pointed out earlier, I think it's not the healthiest thing to cause rapid insulin spikes...especially for me where I have diabetes running in the family!

    BTW, another awesome thing I've found about using Cheerios (and other low sugar cold cereals) is that I crave those types of carbs when I'm cutting and trying to limit my carb intake. Eating them is a treat for me! Always a much more appetizing alternative to the regular old oatmeal! Why not take advantage of your cravings when it’s most beneficial, right? They work great pre-workout last quite a while.
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    why does everyone who complains about science being equivicol come up with the same arguement?

    If you looked at the research, and not just one persons interpretation of it, you would see that there is plenty of research showing AAS influence muscle (including some of the early papers). Lemon has been providing evidence for higher protein intakes for years, hell even the RDA is 0.8g/kg which for an average person is around 60g...

    Science is a large collection of varied sources, different studies, different measurements blah blah blah. The skill is to combine the papers together to prove a clear path. Comparing the good and bad to provide a picture of what the actual influences are.
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    You certainly changed your mind rather quickly for being so pro hi-GI post WO yesterday. The chances for CHO spillage post-WO are very slim if any and in fact CHO (unless taken in huge dosages and under certain conditions) will not be stored as fat. So it is a "Tortoise and Hare" situation in that higher GI CHO will replenish glycogen faster but lower GI will replenish glycogen be it at a slower rate. In the end it will make no difference in any hypertrophy variables unless the aforementioned situations are present (very long training or multiple training sessions). In regards to health and high GI, I am still on the fence so to say. CHO does not cause any health condition, and yes that includes DM. Obesity on the other hand (which is the overnutrition of any macro) can increase risk of DM. As dianabol stated most people eat a "mixed" meal whick negates most GI issues and a GI number +/- 20 doesn't even hava a statistical difference in any insulin or BS levels. Still most high GI foods are stripped of nutrients and this alone can effect health indicies. Ok, I am off the box. ;)
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    is banana okay for bulking? it's so easy to eat a banana and packed with a lot of carbs [​IMG]

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