Bean salad!!!

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by wungun, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. wungun

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    I've included bean salad as one of my daily meal intakes...2 or 3 small half-cup "sides" a day.
    From what I know, it's a great source of protein and fiber, a good carb/protein ratio, olive oil (quality extra virgin is a good, healthy additive), vinegar (beneficial as well)...
    And best of all, it is cheap, easy to make and stores and tastes great! I use a Mexican bean salad recipe.
    Personally, I can't afford to eat chicken and steak at every meal, so this is a great addition.
    Sure it doesn't have all the same quality amino's as meat, but it's protein nonetheless...

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  2. Sci

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    Sounds great. Really healthy, lots of protein and vitamins,, win.
  3. wungun

    wungun Member

    I wonder...maybe throwing in some tuna or salmon to amp it up a bit...?

    I can't handle eating tuna/salmon from a can :S
  4. Totentanz

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    So... like,.what's the recipe?
  5. wungun

    wungun Member

    Here ya go...

    I used a can of black, can of white, can of mixed bean and a can of chickpeas.

    Make SURE you use a quality EXTRA virgin, cold pressed olive oil. Put you olive oil in the fridge for a few hours. If it doesn't solidify, it's bad, not virgin or its been cut with ****ty oil (a lot of that going around).

    Shop for beans, compare labels on which types have the most protein...rinse before using.
    Better yet, fresh dried beans... Soak in water before using.

    Don't need a lot of cilantro or cumin, but I love lots of garlic and onion and JUST enough hot sauce to zing it up a bit.

    Nutritional info near the bottom of the page...which for whatever reason, doesn't have protein listed.
    I figure 1 cup is gotta be good for 15 to 20g.
    3 servings a day, is less than 1000 calories and up to 60g of protein!
    And if your olive oil is a good one, 45g of healthy fats per 3 servings (which accounts for a good portion of the calories I think).

    I think I might add crushed walnuts and try that...?

    Easily customizable for sure...whatever works best for you.

    Perfect with a chicken breasts, turkey sausages, pasta and lean ground beef...

    I'm gonna have a bowl right now!

    (I put half of mine in the freezer for storage...I'll let ya know how it comes out after a week)
  6. Lol

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    Thanks, wungun. Sounds great. I need to get more beans and pulses into my diet so I'll give this a try.
  7. wungun

    wungun Member

    It's a pretty good meal or snack and easy to tailor to your own tastes...
    I eat a LOT of this stuff!

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  8. SuperTm

    SuperTm New Member

    Great idea, I should add more beans in to my diet and this is a great/ healthy way to do it!
  9. geo21424

    geo21424 New Member

    Doing great in Budget
  10. geo21424

    geo21424 New Member

    Doing great in Budget :)
  11. wungun

    wungun Member

    Found this peeps...
    Gonna try and source some green soybeans and try to get away from protein powders...


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