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  1. I've heard the story of bodybuilders who wake up just to drink protein at night. While I dont wanna take that route, I end up waking up anyway on occasion to use the bathroom or whatever. I'm thinking since I'm up at night, I might as well sip down some protein, however I'm usually too sleepy to go and mix the protein powder.
    I remember that GNC sells one of those Liquid Protein bottles, its similar to the old Twinlab aminos. Would it make sense to have one handy in case you wake up since it doesnt require any effort in mixing it? Does anyone do this?
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    Shake one up before you go to bed and put it in the refridgerator.
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    Related question (maybe it's been asked before): I'm trying Driver right now, and it occurred to me to take it before bed so since it enters the blood stream slowly. (The graph on the container suggests amino acids are still at a fairly high concentration after 5 hours.) Having a limited budget, I'm actually considering taking Driver before bed *instead* of taking it right after exercise, and then just making sure I get protein on a regular basis throughout the day.

    This would relieve me of drinking protein drinks during the night, which makes for extra trips to the bathroom (which I've heard is bad for your sleep.)

    Is this a reasonable idea?

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