best macronutrients when overfeeding

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by kurnia38, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. kurnia38

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    This is also taken from the "John Berardi" topic.
    When one is overfeeding, how can we determine the best macronutrients for each person?
    This is what I got from reading the materials around the forum:

    1. If one is a skinny guy who got speedy metabolism, try to keep protein around 15% of the calories. This will cause most weight gain, not necessarily most muscle though.

    2. If one gains fat easily when overfeeding, one has to increase protein to around 20 - 25% of calories to take advantage of the thermic effect. Then, one should choose whether to overfeed from carb or fat. Everyone reacts differently, some will get fat from carb overfeeding (high carb, low fat diet), some will get fat from fat overfeeding (low carb, high fat diet).

    Is there a way to determine whether one is more suited to overfeed from carb or fat?
    Thank you. :)
  2. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I personally would not recoomend that anybody overfeed with fat. What would be the point?

    Over feed with protein or carbs or both. Leave fat at around 20% of your maintenance calorie level.

    If you want to add more fat, make it beneficial fat that comes off easily.
  3. kurnia38

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    Okay, now I understand that carb and pro is the best thing to overfeed. At the same time, I want to maximize my testosterone levels. From the article posted in, the one written by Tom Incledon, I believe he said something like having fat around 30% of calories give the highest testosterone level.

    Would you care to explain the rationale on recommending fat only 20% of maintenance caloric intake? Thanks... :)
  4. Aaron_F

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    WHile thomas makes the recommendation of 30%, he only used it as a guess. The overall available research is rather equivicol

    Especially after this quote " The results do not support one another and only point to the fact that dietary fat plays a role in modifying T production, but that role is still unclear."
    Other reviews in the area show no effect of fat either. (Well not free test, the body provides negative feedback to keep what it wants, where it wants)

    as the body doesnt know percentages, total g intakes is a better route, Bryans 20% will provide a set g weight and then you modulate carbs around this (carbs/pro have better research showing test changes than fat itself, and calories are even more involved - potentially via leptin)

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