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    hi guys. im having a very difficult time getting my calories and protein in. i simply dont have the time to prepare/cook/eat as much as i need. work schedule doesnt allow. so, i need to supplement my diet with a real good protein powder or more than likely a weight gainer...need cals as well as protein. i know i could probably make something up, but, id prefer to buy something premade and ready to go.

    looking for suggestions about the best choice in a weight gainer powder. if i can pick it up at a local gnc, all the better. i know they are expensive,but i need right away and they are conveinant and close.
  2. terp

    terp New Member

    2 weight gainers that get positive reviews are Universal's Real Gains & Prolab's N-Large 2. you might also try something like Muscle Milk or Ultra Peptide 2 though they're more expensive per serving & have a lot of fat.
  3. Totentanz

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    Don't buy a weight gainer. Just find a good, cheap protein powder with a taste you can tolerate. When you need to add more calories to it, just add in some sugar or dextrose, and olive oil. Olive oil will boost the calories a lot. You can add other stuff too, but all I add is olive oil and milk. 2 cups of milk + 5-6 scoops of whey + 1/4 cup of olive oil = over 1000 calories and over 120 grams of protein.

    Weight gainers are a waste of money.
  4. quadancer

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    I agree. They just make me fat, but I put it on easily anyway.

    I asked our genius at the supplement store (this guy really knows BB'ing) the other day why we use maltodextrin and dextrose instead of just using sugar, since I couldn't remember why I switched. (it had been a long time)
    He reminded me that sugar is processed differently in the body, the work was done by the liver and some such, and the other mix goes pretty much directly to the muscle cells for conversion to ATP and some other things that I forgot allready. Duh.
    Me likey science; just not remember. [​IMG]
  5. colby2152

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    Weight gainers all unhealthy... chalk full of extra dietary cholesterol, fat from who knows what, and questionable carbs. You could get a cheaper higher content protein whey powder and eat a side of something healthy, good, and filling.
  6. bluejacket

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    id have to agree with most of the above posters. i havent had much exper. w/wgt gainers in the last 15yrs but it doesnt sound like much has changed.

    i realize your looking for a short term solution "right now" for cals and protein. in that case i would go with totz suggestion. you dont have to really buy anything other then basic pro powder and plenty of milk. you can adjust the ingreds. (espec. oil) as much as you like for taste and cals which is way better then any wgt gain formula.........the taste on those is always a roll of the dice, and usually at $30 a pop.

    food is almost always a better option but you prob. know that and that wasnt your orig. question so........

    good luck
  7. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Yeah, I was thinking steak, milk, EFA's, bananas and peeeeeenutbudder!

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