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  1. Just curious to see if it is any good. I am looking around for something. I don't have room right now, but will in a year or so. I am guessing it probably is not as good as getting a cage, bench, and weights. But just wanted to see, because it would sure be easy to fit anywhere, and would be easy to use. Also the salesman sure seamed to like it better than a cage and weights, but he didn't look like he lifted much. The other nice thing is it would be good for my wife to use too.
  2. quadancer

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    Most guys who use bowflex DON'T look like they lift weights. Search threads on them in any BB forum, and you'll find a lot of negative press from people who own them. Weights rule. Period.
    And you said the curse word. Salesman. [​IMG]
  3. the_dark_master

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    watcha talkin'bout Willis? [​IMG]
  4. Totentanz

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    Think of it this way - get a bowflex and you will eventually max out on it. Then what will you do? Get a rack and some weights, eventually you will max out with your weights, but then you can go buy a few more plates and keep progressing.
  5. Thanks guys, that is kind of what I thought, but just wanted to make sure.
  6. Cova

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    I will admit that I like the new bowflex that just came out. It uses resistance disks that you can stack. I think it would be a great investment if you are able to buy more disks as needed.

    I just think you should check out some gyms if the prices are good. I am signing up for a gym called fitness 19 and it is 19 bux a month.
  7. scientific muscle

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    I have met many guys who got big and strong lifting free-weights...I have never met anyone who was big and strong who used a bowflex. Everyone I have ever known who had a bow-flex looked like they never lifted.
    I am not saying it doesn't work, I just think most people who buy bowflex aren't serious about getting muscles, almost eveyone serious about getting big joins a gym or buys their own free-weights. I think the main reason it doesn't work is that 90% of bow-flex machines sit in the corner and collect dust. And most serious home trainees invest in real iron.
  8. krenshaw

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    yeah, i think the people that shell out the money for bowflex have high hopes, though it tends to fizzle out pretty quickly.. i've heard their cardio equip isn't horrible though, but there are many other good alternatives
  9. colby2152

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    Yins must admit that those Bowflex dumbells are pretty sweet.
  10. krenshaw

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    actually i just purchased a pair of ironmaster dumbbells that are way cooler than the bowflex ones.. check them out..

    Ironmaster Website

    they come with a great stand, lifetime warranty, and the length adjusts to the amount of weight on them, not super long like most ones like that..
  11. Ruthenian

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    As I recall, the Bowflex dumbbells also top out at something like 50 lbs.

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