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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Browner, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Ah that was great, thanks heaps, I'd watched a vid of him when he was younger explaining it, but this was really helpful cheers
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    W8 D1

    Comp Squat

    225 x4 @7 ( had planned a top set of 9-10 rpe and thought this weight would be in that ball park but it flew for a 4 rep PB. Didnt go up as have been feeling pretty beat up this weak and thought it wpuod give me some good momentum)
    200 x4x3 @6

    Larsen Press
    115 x10x4 @7-8

    Leg Press 250 x12x3
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    You're welcome dude
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    So I finished this training block with 2 failed PR attempts on Bench and Deadlift

    Deadlift I wanted to hit 260 x3, but could only grind out 1 rep. Considering my max was 285 this is pretty poor

    Bench, I wanted 160 x4, but only got 160 x2. So Bench just flatlined this training block.

    Squat made good improvements, but mybsquat frequency was upped from 2x to 3x per week. Considering deadlift and bench frequency was lower than normal, but with a higher than usual volume, this leads me to believe that frequency is the way forward.

    Looking back through old training logs, I made some of my best progress with a bulgarian style approach.

    So, seeing as my comp in january has been cancelled, i am going to go with a bulgarian/conjugate hybrid, with a basic setup of:

    Day One
    Comp Squat
    Comp Bench
    Lat Pulldowns 3x10
    DB Lateral Raises 3x 12-15
    Triceps 3x 12-15

    Day Two
    Comp Deadlift
    SSB Squat
    Chest Level Pin Press
    Biceps 3x 12-15

    Day Three
    Squat w/chains
    TnG Bench w/bands
    Bulgarian Split Squat (quad focus) 3x12-15
    Wall Mounted Single Leg RDL 3 x 12-15

    Day Four
    Pin Squat
    3ct Pause Bench
    Seal Rows 3x10
    Seated DB Press 3 x 10-12

    Day Five
    Deadlift w/chains
    Slingshot Bench
    High Bar Pause Squat

    Week 1
    Work up to singles @7-8 Only no accessories

    Week 2 Onwards
    Work up to singles to @8 plus back offs
    Squat Back offs - 15% for 2-5 reps
    Bench Back offs - 10% for 2-5 reps
    Deadlift back offs - 20% for 2-5 reps

    If nothing else, this will be fun, and I may rotated exercises weekly
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    Merry Christmas mate hope it was a nice one :), all the best for the brand new year!

    Ah dang that sucks about the comp being cancelled.. but new routine looks like alot of fun :)
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    Impromptu Bench Session

    Slingshot Bench
    160 x1
    180 x1 @8
    200 x1 @9
    220 Fail
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    Sleeved Squat
    160 x1
    180 x1 @sub6

    Back was feeling tight so left it there

    Bench w/bands (+ approx 25kg per side at lockout)

    120 x1
    130 x1
    135 x1 @9
    140 x1 @10
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    I’ve come around to the view that max effort work for ‘large’ barbell exercises; deadlift, squat, good morning, bench, press and then 8-12 rep range for backoffs or accessories is probably ideal. Rotate when an accessory stagnates/plateau and come back when the next one likewise does.

    As much as I love triples, and 5s are incredibly effective for novices (or 4-6 range), my general feeling now is that the RTS-driven high-specificity and RPE structured model probably only suits very specific strength pursuits, i.e. powerlifting. And only for a (relatively) short time.

    When we look at how strongmen train, and what happens when they periodise a specific lift, it seems clear to me at least that high variation of exercises (which is really about joint angles and a wider range of load exposure) for moderate volumes builds so much more baseline strength and general size than [email protected], 2-3x2-4 back offs.

    I’d also venture that of the big 3, only the squat is a good general hypertrophy exercise. Deadlifting is so leverage specific that it’s a coin flip for the person at hand, and benching has become a game of arching. Flat back benching has some utility, granted.

    I hit a weekly volume on deads of 12-20 reps above 90%, and 20-25 reps above 80% (remember, per week) for a year and hypertrophy gains were borderline nonexistent. Slap 3-4x8-10 for 2-3 exercises for rowing in, progress the load and evoila, I’m now buying 3XL shirts.

    TLDR; highly specific, minimalist-exercise selection style training such as RTS derivatives makes you highly effective at the big 3 for a short while, maybe a year? Overuse injuries beckon, as does psychological stagnation and a plateau in size.
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    Quite agree. There are many things I love about RTS, and I know if you work with them directly, the program differs a lot to their generic templates.

    One of the main reasons Im switiching to a bulgarian approach is, as you said, mental stagnation. And when you enter your 3rd, 4th or 5th set of 3-6reps, boredom sets in and you basically enter survival mode and just becomes junk volume.

    I do like the concept of RTS emerging strategies, and I think that you could apply this to a bulgarian approach and might be something I look to do.
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    Quick session today

    Spider Bar Box Squat
    (I dont think Spider bar or box squats will be featured that heavily going forwards, but was a bit of fun this morning)
    152 x1
    172 x1 @7.5
    192 x1 @9
    152 x5 @7.5

    140 x1
    150 x1
    160 x1 (PB)
    162.5 x1 (PB)

    Incline DB Press
    40 x15x2

    91 x15,12,10

    Tricep Pushdowns
    65 x15
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    HB Buffalo Bar Squat
    145 x1
    165 x1
    185 x1 @7.5
    195 x1 @9.5

    Block Pulls + chains (approx 30kg at lockout)
    200 x1
    230 x1
    240 x1

    Deadlift + chains
    150 x5x2

    5ct Pause Bench
    130 x1
    140 x1
    150 x1 @8.5
    155 x1 @9.5

    Feet Up Bench
    100 x16 @9

    Bulgarian Split Squat
    22.5 x12x2

    DB Lateral Raises
    7.5 x15x3
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    There’s great content and innovation coming out of that group, no doubt. BBM being the most well known derivative have popularised their practical applications as well. I think of them as being to intermediates what SSLP is for novices. They’ll have 80% of people covered (80-20 rule-esque). Where I think they fall down in general terms is going beyond powerlifting prep for a 12 week cycle.
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    SSB box squat against bands (approx +50kg at lockout)
    120 x1
    140 x1
    150 x1
    120 x3x2

    Chest Level Pin Press
    140 x1
    150 x1
    160 x1
    165 x1

    Flat DB Press
    45 x14
    45 x12

    98 x12x3

    50 x10x2
  16. Browner

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    Block Pulls

    230 x1
    250 x1
    270 x 0- something went ping in my glute. I don’t think its anything serious, just a little tweak.
  17. Jester

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    Looked as though the back was trying to take over a bit too early.
  18. Browner

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    Yeah possibly. I felt pretty banged up and fatigued going into the gym, but i joined in with some of the other guys doing block pulls

    Just rehaby stuff this week for me now as its pretty painfull
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    Tried the reverse hyper at all?
  20. Browner

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    Yeah quite a bit, ran a number of blocks with it personaly I have never found it does much for me in terms of strength or injury prevention

    My goal this week is just to find pain free movements and train those. So it may come into play this week.
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