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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by OneMoreRep, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. OneMoreRep

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    What amount of Carbs/Protein/Fats - calories Do you reccommend eating to get really lean? while preserving muscle... :confused: supposing this person is doing DAILY cardio. every morning. before breakfast.

    Also do you just use HST??

    thanks... i know there's an article somewhere on this but inever found it...
  2. Techo

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    You'll find your answer in the Diet and Nutrition from the FAQ. True, there is some info in the Eating for Size article, but that mostly pertains to bulking... Partition could be part of it, but also pay attention to the other guidelines such as WHEN you consume your macros... For example, a bulk at all costs would consume carbs immediately after WO, while a slow bulk (like what you're doing) might delay carbs for an hour... Hope that helps some!
  3. Bryan Haycock

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    I personally prefer that a person drop fat slowly using calculated amounts of food. I don't favor extremes either way.

    So, using the same ratio as your bulking diet to begin with, slowly start droping fat calories until you reach your minimum. Then start reducing your carb calories.

    The whole process should take 12-16 weeks.
  4. OneMoreRep

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    hmm interesting...i'm starting uni and my schedule is going to be BS to say the least... so bought some proteain and oatmeal bars for when im in a jam... i'm continuing my morning cardio... starting to see the outline of the abs.. i'm like to get my bf low enough so my abs are clearly defined and my lower chest and armpit serratus area has definition.

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