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    "Here are the exercises I use:

    Leg Ext
    Leg Curl
    Straight leg calf raise
    Chins (wide and narrow)
    Rows (wide and narrow)
    Incline Bench
    Lateral raises
    rear delt work (dumbells)
    Dumbell press
    Tri Ext
    Curls of all kinds

    I'll do some crunches too. As well as stationary bike and once in a while I will jog a bit.

    Sometimes I will split things up into AM and PM workouts. If I miss the PM I will simply do it the next day. I don't use a training partner so I only do negatives on Chins, Dips, curls, tri Ext, and rear delt work. I usually do 2 sets of 2 exercises for back.I don't go terribly heavy on Squats and Bench. I guess 25 years has taken a bit of a toll on this less-than-genetically-ideal body. In fact, on squats I will start with 20 reps.

    Here's my AM/PM split.

    Incline Bench
    T-bar row (supported)
    Calf (straight leg)
    Lateral raises
    Bent over laterals
    EZ curls
    Tri extensions

    Leg curl
    Leg extension
    Millitary press (lowering no further than top of head)
    Lateral raises
    lying rear delt raises (lie on bench on your side)
    DB curl
    Tri extension
    calf raise

    I warm up on the bike for at least 6 minutes with a lot of resistance (break a sweat). I do 2 "work sets" after an adequate warmup on each exercise. On off days I do cardio for 20 minutes twice per day, while I'm dieting anyway.

    BTW, I'm currently dieting very low carb during the week and carbing up on the weekends. "

    - Bryan Haycock
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