Can you take GABA with protein?

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has experience taking GABA with a protein supplement before bed as opposed to an empty stomach.

    I've been reading that most people recommend taking it before bed on an empty stomach, but I like to consume a protein shake before sleep. Wondering if I can take them together and still get the absorbtion of the GABA.

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    I remember reading somewhere that HGH isnt very anabolic even in the amounts that pro bbuilders use. Wonder if anyone coud back that up/ ridicule it?
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    Well an over-the-counter product certainly won't give you enough of a boost in HGH to give you the kind of effects you are looking for.
    HGH doesn't give steroid like gains, and it doesn't really do much at all in younger folks. In older people who have lower levels of HGH, it can be highly beneficial... still, for bodybuilding purposes, it should be left to the pros.
  5. Cool, I appreciate the advice guys.
  6. Cool, I appreciate the advice guys.

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