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Discussion in 'General Training' started by abyss, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. abyss

    abyss New Member

    I'm new to HST and am on the 1st week of the 5 rep cycle.  So far I think its great and i'm loving the results.  Currently I have been doing both weighted dips and incline press each workout.  This has been good in promoting size, but i'm concerned about definition.  I feel i need to work my upper inner chest more for better definition.  
    My questions are:
    Can anyone recommend a particular excercise?
    How many different chest excercises should i use in a cycle?
    Can I alternate between say dips and incline one day, and incline butterfly and bench another?  
    I was a little confused by the sample HST routines on the site as 1 routine does 1 set of dips and bench every workout, while the other sample alternates between dips and bench.  
    I appreaciate any help and all the info on these forums!
  2. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Definition is due to cutting and visible tone more so than size.

    If you want a more definied upper chest then I'd recommend keep working on the size, and when you feel you have enough muscle, to cut for an HST cycle/period of time, lose some fat and see the muscle shine on thru.
  3. ian

    ian New Member

    Got three ideas here...

    1/ Genetics, some people dont have to do much on chest and its great (it balances out tho, most people have their +s and -s.

    2/ In my opinion dumbells are better than the bar, the bars more for ego, with dumbells you get more movement and work both arms equally as well, and therefore youl get better shape

    3/ To get a good upper chest you need (low fat as jester sez) a big chest, and I dont care what anyone sez, you aint gona get that with one cycle of HST. The reason you get told to do incline press and not flat is coz its hard to get the upper chest, therefore I rekon itl take you a while to get what you want.
  4. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    My 3 times per week chest program, all supersetted:

    DB incline BP
    Weighted dips
    Flat bench DB flyes
  5. Louno

    Louno New Member

    does incline bench press work ure pecs enough ?
    because when i do flat bench i feel like they are worked alot more, on incline its soo-soo, seems like it works other muscles more...
    is there an angle that is optimal ?
  6. ian

    ian New Member

    Does work your pecs well however youve got a point with the angle.

    Most people make the mistake of going for about 45 degrees, but this brings in the shoulders. Your always better to use a pretty small angle, I always use the setting above flat on the adjustable benchs
  7. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    yeah me too, I just use the lowest angle of incline possible. Unfortunately, this can be different on different adjustable benches.
  8. stealthboy

    stealthboy New Member

    I was having the same problem training upper pecs on a 45 incline-I was using too much delt and getting no upper chest development. Then I was reading an article on a bb site saying that anything over a 25-30 deg incline involves too much ant delt. After four months of keeping the inclines low my upper pec development has improved incredibly.
    Good luck
  9. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Luono, I find 15 to 20% ideal for me. I had to drill an extra hole in my bench to get that low though.
  10. Ian/Bosox/Stealthboy/O&G,
    Thank you very much for the tip on lowering the bench angle for incl. chest. I always though the 45 degrees was what a person wanted. Since halving this DOMS has returned to my chest with a vengeance.

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