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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by sean, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. sean

    sean New Member

    hey, i just got my knee cut up pretty badly (no need for stiching though). I did all of the first aid stuff, etc. BTW, I'm on my SD. But, I wanted to know if I should eat a little more protein today. It actually just happened about 10 minutes before I posted this. I don't know why I'm asking this here but I thought you all might know some way of altering my nutrition a bit to compensate for my cut.

    Thanks everybody, I'll be posting my first cycle (well, sort of) results soon too.

  2. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I'm afraid an alteration of your diet probably won't have any effect on the rate of healing. Nor will the cut effect your muscle growth. Just don't let it get "infected". If that happens, you will see a change in your basal metabolism, exercise tolerance, muscle growth, etc.
  3. sean

    sean New Member

    okay, thanks bryan. I heard before that bruises slowed muscle growth. But, it don't think it'll get infected. I must have put an entire cup of hydrogen peroxide on it.


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