First Cycle done and I am just confused!! Help

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Hunterworks, Nov 3, 2012.

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    I guess I need someone to spell it out for me. I am confused about the following:

    # of sets???
    Dropping the 15 reps after first cycle?

    The way I thought this was to be done was 2 sets first week of each 15, 10,5 rep weeks and 1 set on the second week


    2x15, 1x15,2x10, 1x10,2x5, 1x5 for a complete six week cycle.

    I simply can't find the definite answer spelled out on sets and reps.

    Also reading you can drop the 15 rep two week cycle after the first cycle??? So you only do the 10's and 5's after first cycle?

    I can say I do see a change in my body after just the first 6 week cycle.

    To further my confusion is reading a single set is ok if it is maximum effort, how can you do maximum effort if you take your say 15 rep max and back it out six times, that first day would not be maximum effort cause it is way lighter and way easier.

    I know I am asking alot but I do believe in this and simply want to do it right.

    Thanks in advance

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