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    Keep us updated on the rowing machine. I've been thinking about one of those for a while now myself.
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    No problem.

    All I can really give at the moment are my first impressions and the main one is quality. Like I mentioned it was quite simple to assemble just had to put the supports on it. It does have a long footprint but isn’t too wide. It’s held together in the middle by gravity so breaking it into two, about 4 foot sections, is as simple as lifting it apart. It doesn’t weigh much so rolling it around is very easy. It has a tension setting that simulates smaller to larger craft by the feel of the stroke but this doesn’t actually change the resistance with is determined by how fast you pull.

    The maintenance described is quite simple. The only potential issue I see is if you have cat and/or dogs that shed a lot getting their hair in the chain mechanism however, the bottom cover slides out so you can access the chain for cleaning and lubrication so it would probably just mean cleaning it more often.
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    Repetition Upper Body, Today:

    BW = 180 lbs.

    Repetition Effort:
    Warm up Rowing Machine 3 minute steady state
    Flat Bench Press 145 lbs. x 12 +4 +3 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Lat Pulls 130 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    BB Shrugs 245 lbs. x 20 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    BB Calf Raises 245 lbs. x 20
    Cardio 30/30 second Rowing Intervals (sort of)

    In the immortal words of Yoda “cardio shape, I am not in.”

    First the good . . . I think the pre-workout warm up really helped as I got more reps at a higher weight today on both the Bench and Lat Pull than yesterday or the day before respectively and I know I didn’t get the much stronger that fast so I’m attributing it to having my body warmed up prior to starting my sets.

    The bad . . . MY CARDIO SUCKS! I knew it was bad but this was a wakeup call. I started out with the intent of doing 3 minutes of rapid steady state (something akin to a cadence run i.e. a little faster than my best pace). Well that turned into doing intervals because at the 1 minute mark I thought my heart was going to explode. I’m embarrassed to post the pace but I will say it was in the bottom 5th of the chart they include in the manual.

    The ugly . . . as much as I hate to do it I’m going to need to spend the next 3 weeks doing intervals for aerobic fitness. From everything I’ve ever researched intervals stop providing much benefit beyond 3 weeks but up the that point are superior to improving VO2 max than other forms of training. I haven’t decided for sure on the number of days a week but I’ll probably start out at 3 for cardio intervals on non-Squat days while doing Hill Sprints and Steady State Biking on those days. I’ll probably take the other 2 days off cardio with the option of adding in more if I feel up to it.

    DB OH Press 35 lbs. x 15 +5 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Supported DB Row 75 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    BB Shrugs 245 lbs. x 10 x 10 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    BB Calf Raises 245 lbs. x 20

    I had to split the Shrugs into 2 sets of 10 because I was so out of breath from the DB Rows. Also I edited the earlier workout to include the Calf Raises I did. No extra cardio this time because the workout itself was a cardio workout taking only about 6 minutes.
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    Excellent purchase! I am totally jealous of your swanky new C2. :cool: It is an great bit of kit for a general warmup.

    It should be possible, with the monitor on your machine, to set up a program for an interval session and then store it for future use.

    As far as pace is concerned, get your stroke action and consistency right first and then work on pulling harder and faster.

    Try to find a damper setting that suits you. The temptation is to leave the damper on 10 so that you feel like you're having to pull hard all the time. It is possible to row at a good pace doing this but you'll most likely need to use a slow stroke rate if you do (~20-25 spm). Once your stroke efficiency is pretty good, you will find that lowering the damper (ie. simulating a lighter, faster boat) still allows you to produce a fairly powerful stroke but it is easier to row at a higher stroke rate which will tend to produce less lactate. I tend to leave my rower on 3 now. However, if I'm doing sprints I set it on 10 as I can reach my maximum power output more quickly that way.

    All the best and I look forward to hearing how you get on.
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    I was looking at that briefly today. Without too much research (i.e. reading the manual) it looks like there are many preset intervals available based both on time or distance. I’m just going to have to decide what will best fit my needs so I can stick with it to monitor progress. It said that it stores the sessions that last 3 minutes or longer so that should make keeping track of progress easy.
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    ME Squat, Today

    BW = 180 lbs.

    Max Effort:
    3 Minute Steady State Rowing Warm up
    Squat bar x 10, 135 x 5, 185 x 3, 225 x 1, 275 x 1, 315 x 1, 370 x 1
    Concentric GMs 185 x 5, 195 x 2

    Repetition Effort:
    BB Bench Press 150 lbs. x 9 +3 +3 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Parallel Grip Lat Pulls 135 lbs. x 12 +4 +3 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    DB Lateral Raises 15 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)

    Leg Curls 40 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Leg Extensions 50 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Leg Curls 40 lbs. x 12 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)
    Leg Extensions 50 lbs. x 12 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)

    Triceps Bar Curls 45 lbs. x 15 +5 +5 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Triceps Bar OH Triceps Extensions 45 lbs. x 15 +5 +5 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Triceps Bar Curls 45 lbs. x 12 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)
    Triceps Bar OH Triceps Extensions 45 lbs. x 12 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)

    DB Lateral Raises 15 lbs. x 12 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)
    Band Flyes doubled green (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Band Flyes doubled green (4/0/1/0 rep speed)

    I added back another 5 lbs. to my Squat and am now only 10 lbs. shy of my PB. However, it was a close run thing. My legs felt really strong but on the way up I started to lean forward. I was able to correct and make the lift but boy did I feel it hit muscles I’ve never felt before from my groin to my lower back so I decided to stop there.

    Figuring my lower back needed more work I stuck with Concentric GMs as a supplemental exercise but after one and a half sets it felt like the muscles I overworked in the squat were going to spasm so I called it quits. Nothing felt pulled and surprisingly my ruptured disk didn’t get pinched or anything it just felt like I was going to cramp up in muscles that were going to be very painful if I continued.

    I think I may have jumped the gun in Squating today because I was only thinking about it having been 3 days since I previously did a DE Squat workout. However, I forgot I’d gone and done Speed Pulls on Wednesday and it’s only been two days since then when to proscribed wait is 3 days.

    A friend I hadn’t seen in about a year and a half came over today and when I opened the door he says “Oh my god!” He’s never seen me weigh more than 145 lbs. so at 180 lbs. I got to see his surprised look.
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    Dynamic Bench, Today:

    BW = 180 lbs.

    Dynamic Effort:
    Flat Bench Press (135 lbs. +60 lbs. chains x 3) x 12

    Repetition Effort:
    Lat Pulls 140 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 reps speed)
    Flat Bench Press 150 lbs. x 9 +3 +3 (1/0/4/0 reps speed)
    BB Shrugs 255 lbs. x 20 (1/0/4/0 reps speed)
    BB Calf Raises 255 lbs. x 20 (1/0/4/0 reps speed)

    30/30 Rowing Intervals x 2

    I started doing Speed Benching again in preparation to switching back to a powerlifting bench routine. I won’t switch back to doing Max Effort Bench lifts until I finish ramping up the weights on my upper body lift so I can get the most out of progressive loading.

    I took yesterday off because I’m feeling pretty beat up from working out 3 times a day. My bench improved probably because I had a day off in between so it might be time to change to a split so body parts get a day or two off between sessions.

    I decided to start out rowing with 30/30 intervals. Once I work my way up to 10-12 I may switch over to 60/60 and or mix in some lactate threshold training, I’ll have to see how things go.
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    Great squatting and way-to-go surprising your friend like that. :cool:
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    Dynamic Squat, Today

    BW = 183 lbs.

    Dynamic Effort:
    Wide Stance Box Squats (210 lbs. +70 lbs. chains x 2) x 11
    Sumo Deadlift (270 lbs. +70 lbs. chains x 1) x 10

    Repetition Effort:
    Incline Bench Press 125 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Lat Pulls 150 lbs. x 8 +3 +3 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Leg Curls 40 lbs. x 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Leg Extensions 50 lbs. 12 +4 +4 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Leg Curls 40 lbs. x 12 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)
    Leg Extensions 50 lbs. x 12 (4 /0/1/0 rep speed)

    Rowing Intervals 30/30 x 2

    I went ahead and did Speed Pulls and Speed Squats today rather than splitting them up like last week. My lower back felt pretty beat up after them so I waited until later to do more.

    So much for adding another Rowing Interval today, but I have an excuse for wusing out. My blood work taken last week indicated my red cell count was high so I had to get rid of some blood in order to a T shot. Even after doing just 2 intervals I not only was my heart pounding but it took much longer afterward to catch my breath.

    I finally got on a scale for real today. I’ve been post a BW of 180 lbs. but was actually being lazy and not really checking so when I check this morning I was 183 lbs. as high as I’ve ever been. This is actually a good thing because my goal upon returning was to start bulking up again at least while I was off work because there is no way I could have maintained a diet while watching movies and playing video games. So about a pound a week is just about right considering I was pretty well deconditioned and my T levels are now higher than a little girl’s.

    On a side note they are now starting me on hCG which I will self-inject once a week.
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    ME Bench, Today:

    BW = 183 lbs.

    Max Effort:
    Flat Bench Press bar x 10, 95 x 5, 135 x 3, 185 x 1, 225 x 1, 220 x 1, x 1, x 1

    Flat Bench Press 195 x 6, x 6

    Lat Pulls 90 x 15, 100 x 15
    BB Overhead Press 95 x 20
    DB Rear Delt Row 40 x 15 x 10 (short rest)
    Narrow Grip Bench Press 115 x 12, x 12
    Lateral Raise 10 x 20
    Laying Triceps Extension 50 x 15, 55 x 10
    Rear Delt Raise 5 x 20
    Hanging Leg Raises BW x 15, x 15, x 15
    BB Curls 65 x 12, x 12

    I decided it was finally time to switch back to my regular routine to get a week of it under my belt before going back to work next week so today became a max effort bench day. To my surprise after not benching heavy for 3 months and doing some combination of pressing movements every day for two weeks including yesterday I was able to get to 95% of my previous max.

    For today I followed a standard set/rep scheme to find the correct weights to use for the target rep range for each exercise, and actually guessed pretty well. However, once I dial in the weighs I may switch back to doing myo-reps for much of the accessory work.
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    ME Squat, Today:

    BW = 184 lbs.

    Max Effort:
    Sumo Deadlift bar x 10, 135 x 5, 185 x 3, 225 x 1, 275 x 1, 315 x 1, 365 x 1, 345 x 1, 330 x 1, x 1

    Conventional Deadlift (295 x 1) x 12 (M-Time = 30 seconds)

    I was unpleasantly surprised that I only made it to 365 lbs. today considering I was maintaining 365 lbs. once a week and after a max Squat attempt the whole time I was gone, plus my Squat seemed to be coming back up nicely. Granted it still only about a 5% drop but I expected better.

    During the second and subsequent ME lifts I felt I might be pulling something in my hamstring so I decided to try Conventional Deadlifts to supplement the Sumo. Also my lower back needs some work and I should also just plain try to see if I can pull better Conventional than Sumo something I haven’t tired because of my ruptured lumbar disk.

    Well the results felt surprisingly good. Pulling Conventional has a very different feel. When I pull Sumo if the bar moves the I can accelerate it all the way up, however if I’m going to fail it just doesn’t come off the floor. With the Conventional reps I did the bar felt like it was starting moving easier but the way up was steady and not accelerating. Another difference is when I lower the bar Sumo I pretty much just have to drop it. It’s still under control but if I had to I couldn’t stop part way down. When I pulled Conventional today I could lower the bar at whatever pace I wanted. I will likely make my next max effort day Conventional to see how high I can go. If that feel ok I’ll play around with various foot placement between conventional and ultra-wide.

    Since I haven’t done any real Deadlifting in a while I stopped and didn’t do any additional accessory exercises.
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  12. 365 deadlift at 184 BW is still a great pull!
  13. grunt11

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    Yeah but every time I look at my signature I think how much better 385 @ 177 was. I know . . . glass half empty. ;)
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    RE Upper, Today:

    BW 184 lbs.

    Repetition Effort:
    Incline Bench 115 lbs. x 15 +5 +5 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Lat Pulls 115 lbs. x 15 +5 +5 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Lateral Raises 10 lbs. x 15 +5 +5 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)

    I’m only doing Repetition Effort today to get in line with the workout schedule I’ve decided on. Which will be the following:

    Sun = off
    Mon = Dynamic Bench + Intervals, Cadence and/or Steady State Cardio
    Tue = Max Squat + Hill Sprints
    Wed = off + Intervals, Cadence and/or Steady State Cardio
    Thu = Max Bench + Hill Sprints
    Fri = Dynamic Squat + Intervals, Cadence and/or Steady State Cardio
    Sat = Repetition Upper

    This schedule takes advantage of everything I’ve learned over the last two years about how my body responds. Only 2 lower body days since my legs and butt are already big enough I just want them stronger, plus my lower back still need extra time off. 3 upper body days including one focused just on bodybuilding work. 3 days between body parts before a Max Effort day. Sunday is a full day off to rest and recuperate. Also with Sunday off plus Saturday a non-Powerlifting Workout on Drill Weekends I can skip it w/o missing any ME or DE work.

    As for Cardio the Hill Sprints (ok not really cardio) are on days I almost never have off since the hills I use are on the way to work. Friday will likely focus on Steady State Cardio since I now have every Friday off (we switched to 4/10s while I was gone) with the other days being flexible based on need.

    Did I mention my butt has gotten pretty big. Well the other day when I was buying the mountain bike I checked out several biking shorts. Luckily they had a pair that buttoned because the pullover ones that were small enough to fit my waist wouldn’t fit over my backside.
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    DE Bench, Today:

    BW 186 lbs.

    Dynamic Effort:
    Flat Bench Press (120 +60 lbs. chains x 3) x 9

    Incline DB Press 40 x 20 +5 +5 +5

    Triceps Bar OH Triceps Extensions 40 x 30 +5 +5 +5
    Band Triceps Press Downs 26 x 30, x 30, x 30
    Wide Grip Cable Rows 90 x 20 +5 +5 +5 (1/0/4/0 rep speed)
    Parallel Grip Lat Pull Downs 90 x 20 (4/0/1/0 rep speed)
    DB Rear Delt Raises 5 x 30 +5 +5 +5
    DB Lateral Raises 7.5 x 30 +5 +5 +5
    Standing Crunch w/bands 46 x 50
    Side Bends 35 x 30
    Sit Ups 30

    Got my first “real” workout under my belt and felt great. Actually it’s the first time I’ve ever made it completely through a full routine in one shot. I hope it’s more because I’m getting back into shape and not just that I’ve been “half-assing” my workouts by spreading them out during the day. I think a helping factor was holding the back exercises until the end. Back, especially upper back work sucks the life out of me leaving me winded for the rest of the session so by saving it until the end I didn’t have that problem.

    My weight jumped, I’m pretty sure because of excessive salt intake over the weekend and should drop back down now that I’m going back to work and will be eating right . . . at least on work days.

    I only did a rowing warm up so far today because this workout was cardio intense by itself. I may throw in some intervals on the elliptical at work or rowing depending on when I get home and how I feel.
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    You're heavier than me now and that's a lot of reps! :) I'm looking forward to seeing you break into PR territory again soon.
  17. grunt11

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    Wow! You’ve dropped some serious weight if you’re down around 185 lbs. Just looking at your PRs you were at least 210 back then. I’m looking to bulk up to 200 by March and then start cutting back down. By then I figure I will be around 20% BF at 200 so if I can cut to 10% w/o loosing much muscle I will be at 180 or so and if I ever compete it will likely be in the 181 weight class since the next class is 196 and I’m already thinking that’s just too much weight to carry around on my small frame. I need to keep reminding myself that at age 20 when I joined the Marine Corps I only weighed 113 lbs.
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    ME Squat, Today:

    BW = 186 lbs.

    Max Effort:
    Squat bar x 10, 95 x 5, 135 x 3, 185 x 1, 225 x 1, 275 x 1, 315 x 1, 340 x 1, 370 x 1, 385 x 1 PR
    345 x 1


    Ok a 5 lbs. PR with an extra 6 lbs. body weight isn’t something to brag about but I did smoke it!

    I stopped after getting 3 lifts above 90% because I don’t see any point in adding in supplemental or assistance work unless I stop improving.
  19. Lol

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    At over 2 x bw, that's a fine lift. A 5lb PR is still a PR. Every pound counts—or, in my case, 1/2 kg!

    My bw is in the 185-190 ballpark. If I come off creatine I drop down to around 182. Today I'm at 187.
  20. grunt11

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    I’d say about 2-3 lbs. of the 6 lbs. I gained in the last 4 weeks was starting back on the creatine and also ensuring I’m carbed back up. I would probably drop down to 183 or so if I cut the creatine right now.

    I am happy with a PR because like you said it’s still a PR. I’m going to keep trying to bulk for a couple of weeks while I work on getting something like cardio shape going. After 2 months of no cardio more intense than walking and just coming off 3 weeks of doing nothing but working out, eating, and sitting on my backside playing video games and watching movies I’m winded just walking around the flightline. So if I can’t get some sort of cardio recovery going I may have to stop my plans to bulk up to 200 lbs. over the winter (about March) and cut some fat right now. I would love to see how big I can actually get now that I’m on HRT but my frame and I’m beginning to feel my cardiovascular system just aren’t meant to support much more body weight. Eventually I think I will shoot for a bodyweight around 181 since that would be the best weight class for me to compete in. The calculators I’ve used say my max genetic potential at 10% BF is 185 so I think 181 at 10% is a realistic goal. I estimate I’m 14-15% BF at 186 lbs. right now so I’ve still got a ways to go.

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