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  1. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    Everything I got anyways, which might not be much but goint to give it my best shot.

    Current Stats

    208 lbs.
    Bf - 13% (as best as I know doing chest, ab, and thigh skin folds.)

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday: HST Training 10RM ( I will do this for two weeks, then 5RM for two weeks. I will most likely drop the Bicep Curls and Tricep Pushdowns on the 5RM weeks. I wil do 8 weeks and than take a week off and depending on where I am BF wise, either begin bulking, or keep cutting)

    Calf Raises
    Straigt Leg Deadlift
    Incline D Press and or Flat D Press
    Lat Pulldowns (not strong enough to do pull ups) and or Seated Rows
    Shoulder Press
    Rear Delt lateral Raises
    Bicep Curls
    Tricep Pushdowns

    Tuesday, and Thursday
    Cardio 30-45 minutes at 60% - 70% BPM.
    Core (Front, and Side planks)

    Nutrition: This is where it gets tricky for me, I have read much about different body types and so many other factors. Based on that research I have come up with a maintanence of 2800cal

    Training days - 2200 - 2400 at 25%carbs, 50%protein, and 25%fat
    Non training days - 1800 - 2000 cals at same Micro ratio.
    Split into 5-6 meals a day.

    Today was my first day, It is hard to train with HST principles when you are so used to just pushing it until you can do one more rep. it was nice to finish my work out and still have energy. Of course I pigged out yesterday.
  2. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Hey, some thoughts to share from many cycles worth of experience. Take them, leave them, take some and leave others - no dramas:

    I'm very wary of dropping cals on non-workout days; don't you want food AFTER you've worked out?

    Try and do barbell bench presses if possible; heavier weight, form is easier to maintain in the heavy range and far less risk on injury.

    Personally, I used to drop bi's and tri's in the 5RM range but instead I just continue doing them at 10RM.

    Rear delt raises are dealing with such a low weight that it's hard to progress from 15RM to 5RM. The difference between your 5 and 10RM's is only going to be ~5kg, if that. my recommendation is that you don't start them during the 15s but rather wait until mid-10's. Close-grip seated row or a wide-grip pull-down//chin-up (you'll be doing them before you know it ;) ) is going to be more than sufficient. The majority of your muscle is going to stack onto the major groups: quads, hamstrings, lats&traps, chest, ass etc.

    I'm not sure if that's your proposed order of lifts, but I would structure it like this:

    Back exercise
    Shoulder press
    Rear Delt

    Good luck in any case :)
  3. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    Thank you for your advice. Being new to this I welcome any advice I can get. I realize that everyone reacts differently, so it is always nice to get a different point of view, especially from someone who has had experience. I see what you mean about lowering calories further on non workout days. I just really want to loose this thang fat around my waist line, but it has been been there for a while so I know I need to be patient.
    Thank you once again and have a great day. If there is any other suggestions, please let me know.
  4. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    Quick update:
    First week of 10RM
    Being new to HST I have to say that I am enjoying the workouts. Though at times I feel like I should do more reps, or more weight, I restrict my self to following the program as described.
    I get through my workout in less than 1 hour, and that includes 10 minute warm on cardio equipment.

    I settled on the following workout:
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    Squats, by them selves
    Calf Raises and SLDL (superset)
    Incline Press and Lat Pull downs (superset)
    Bench Press and arm rows (superset)
    Shoulder Press and Rear Lateral raises (superset)
    Bicep Curls and Triceps Pushdowns (superset)

    Tuesday and Thursday
    Cardio on Elliptical, 20-30 minutes and some front and side planks.

    I did not know how I was going to feel with doing 3 full body workouts, but I felt pretty good.
    I am staying in at or under the 2200 cal/per day range. 100-126g Carbs, 225-250g Protein, and about 50-60g of fat.

    I like the weight progression, especially with squats. I hurt my back doing squats in my senior year in high school. I never had it looked at and have been having lower back issues since. With HST I feel like it is helping me condition my back to be able to lift a bit more weight. I don’t get too crazy with squats. When I do my 5rm I will switch to leg press.
  5. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Are you trying to gain LBM or lose bodyfat with this cycle?

    I'm not a big fan of super-setting.

    2 chest exercises per workout is too many IMO. For a more advanced trainee in need of extra volume in order to stimulate growth (someone like Totentanz or Lol perhaps), then extra sets are possibly worth it. However for someone starting out it just isn't necessary.
  6. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    I am trying to cut down ton around 10%bf before I bulk up. That is why I am sticking with 10rm and 15rm.

    This is actually a less volume then I use to do. I was going to try it for this week and depending on how I felt either simplify or keep the same. I felt pretty good so for the time being I think I will keep this routine at least for the 10's. When I start the 5's I will simplify.

    Thank you, I appreciate your imput.
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  7. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    Alright just got done with my 2 week cycle of 10's. It was interesting; even though I was under maintenance on my caloric intake, especially in carbs, some of my lifts went up.

    As I have stated before, I am very careful especially with squats, since that is how I hurt my back in the first place. Normally I will max out weight wize at about 225 for 8 - 10 reps. By the 8-10th reps my lower back starts getting tight so I don't go any further.

    I had originaly put my 10rm as 205, but I dicided to do that on Wednesday and felt fine. So today I decided to go up to 225 and it was great! I actually felt I could have done more wieight, and even thought about more reps but I dicided not to push it, since my legs have been a little sore.

    Romanian Deadlifts were also out of the question, but today I did at 135 and again it felt great.

    I dicided to do some body measurements yesterday, even though I am supposed to do them on Sunday, and I was pleased with the results. I have lost about 1/4 of an inch around my waist, calfs and quads have remained about the same, I did not do a BF measurment but will do one on Sunday.

    I had the next two weeks already set for the 5RM, but dicided to change things a little.

    Where I will need to do more sets for warm up I will lessen volume. This is what I hope to do:

    leg press
    leg curls
    seated calf raises
    I will alternate as laid out in HST program between
    Incline and flat bench Press
    Chin ups and Bent Over Machine Rows.
    Smith Machine Shoulder Press
    Bicep Curls ?
    Closed Grip Bench Press ?

    Abs on cardio days Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    I am ready for a couple of days of rest, and get ready for next cycle.

    Thank you for reading.
  8. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    Okay, first week of 5's down. All I can say so far is that out of the many programs, routines, etc. that I have tried I truly enjoy HST. About the only thing I struggle with is not working until failure, but that is something that at the end of the cycle it makes sense. I have adjusted a couple of lifts weight wise, I was pleasently surprised.
    About the only thing I am trying to get lined up is my nutrition, but all in all things are going great.

    Next week I will post ending 5rm weight, and body stats.
  9. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    Alright, second week of 5's down. I was more then pleased with the end result as far as strength gains. I have not measured my self, but being on below maintenance calories, I know I probably will not have any increases.
    This is what I ended up on my lifts. I am taking next week off so I decided to go all out.
    Leg Press 740 x 6 (I felt I could do one more rep but decided to stop there, I did these on all the lifts, none were done to failure)
    Calve Raises I had projected 300 but ended up with 340 x 8
    Lying leg curls 180 x 6
    Leg extensions 200 x 8 (I have not been doing those but today I decided to throw them in)
    Flat D Bell Press 90's
    Bent Over Rows on Machine 135 x 6
    D Shoulder press 65 x 10 (They did not have the 70's or the 75's and I did not feel brave enough for the 80's)
    Shrugs D bell 90 x 6
    Curls 110 x 6
    Tri Rope Extensions 75 x 8
    As I stated earlier, I can see an increase in strength. As far as fat loss, I am not very good at using calipers but it looks like I did drop some but very minimal. Unfortunately I am not as good to sticking to my nutrition plan since lately there is lots happening in our family. Also the fact that I have had this spare tire most of my life, I imagine my body is not quite ready to let it go :) I can only imagine the gains on a bulking diet. Who knows, I may try that after my week of.

    Thank you for reading have a great day!
  10. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well your body is never going to be ready to let the spare tire go until you start sticking to your nutrition plan.
  11. Chavoworking

    Chavoworking New Member

    I know, the thing is I when I step out of the plan it isn't anything big per say. I may go up a little on carbs but nothing outrageous. Most of the days I am under even my 2200 caloric goal. I guess I have to keep playing with micro nutrients. I know you have stated that you are gifted when it comes to fat loss, but if you have any suggestions I am all ears, or in this case all eyes.

    Thanks bro.

    Have a good day.

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