HMB, Whey, Glutamine and BCAA

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    Hi guys,

    Firs of all sorry for my English.
    Next Tuesday
    I'm going to start a HST workout (15MR, 10MR and 5MR).

    My goal is to build some lean mass. I am a hardgainer (or kind of ectomorph) and with the
    "normal" workouts I had less results. I decided to get only few supplements which should help me to
    reach my goal.
    - HMB
    - BCAA
    - Whey protein
    - Glutamine powder

    Could you give me please some advice how I have to take them? I mean what it is better to take before/after workout, how much and in combination with what.

    It is better to take fructose or glucose with the above supplement? And when (after or post workout)?

    I let you know for information my workout schedule:
    MON: cardio (running low intensity 45' - 60' min)
    TUE: HST workout
    WED: cardio (running 45' - 60' min)
    HST workout
    FRI: cardio (running 45' - 60' min)
    SAT: HST workout
    SUN: cardio (running 45' - 60' min)

    If there is something wrong with the schedule please correct it.

    About me:
    29 years old
    156 lbs
    6-7% bodyfat

    Some protein sources I eat:
    oat meal with eggs white and honey for breakfast
    no salted spell cracker, brown bread, chicken, turkey, thuna fish during the day and at meals
    Unfortunately I have to pay attention with dairy products because of my liver that goes easily sore.

    I will be very greatful if you can help me with all the above question.

    Thank you very much and have a nice sunday,
  2. grunt11

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    I found this thread very helpful in what supplements to take and how to use them, and it can probably answer your question better than I can.

    That looks like a lot of cardio to be doing especially when your weights start getting heavy, but there’s no reason you can’t try it and cut back if you find it’s hurting your HST workouts.
  3. Trust-in-urself

    Trust-in-urself New Member

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. I'll take a look at the thread.
    Take care!

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