how many meals a day?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by bomsu, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Meal frequency and energy balance.

    Bellisle F, McDevitt R, Prentice AM.

    INSERM U341, Hotel Dieu de Paris, France.

    Several epidemiological studies have observed an inverse relationship between people's habitual frequency of eating and body weight, leading to the suggestion that a 'nibbling' meal pattern may help in the avoidance of obesity. A review of all pertinent studies shows that, although many fail to find any significant relationship, the relationship is consistently inverse in those that do observe a relationship. However, this finding is highly vulnerable to the probable confounding effects of post hoc changes in dietary patterns as a consequence of weight gain and to dietary under-reporting which undoubtedly invalidates some of the studies. We conclude that the epidemiological evidence is at best very weak, and almost certainly represents an artefact. A detailed review of the possible mechanistic explanations for a metabolic advantage of nibbling meal patterns failed to reveal significant benefits in respect of energy expenditure. Although some short-term studies suggest that the thermic effect of feeding is higher when an isoenergetic test load is divided into multiple small meals, other studies refute this, and most are neutral. More importantly, studies using whole-body calorimetry and doubly-labelled water to assess total 24 h energy expenditure find no difference between nibbling and gorging. Finally, with the exception of a single study, there is no evidence that weight loss on hypoenergetic regimens is altered by meal frequency. We conclude that any effects of meal pattern on the regulation of body weight are likely to be mediated through effects on the food intake side of the energy balance equation.
  2. colby2152

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    I really was a believer in that higher frequency of low volume amounts of food - or nibbling - would slightly boost your metabolism. It very well could be, but I guess there isn't enough evidence to prove this.

    Higher metabolism does come from more lean mass though - and that's the reason we're here. [​IMG]
  3. leanlifter

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    So if eating small meals through out the day offers not benefit in terms of increased metabolism and/or fat loss then the Warrior Diet seems like a perfectly fine way to eat. Assuming you can get your needed calories in one meal a day plus snacking.
    I'm curious if anyone uses it or is going to try it.
  4. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Extremely hard to get adequate calories
  5. Without feeling like you ate a beachball :D
  6. Lance

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    Been doing a PSMF lately. I tend to eat it all at 1 or 2 meals. I'd rather starve/drink coffee all day and feel good at night before going to bed then feel starved all day. Just a personal thing though.
  7. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    All your calories in one meal?

    I imagine that you'd make a mighty fine imitation of a pregnant woman . . .
  8. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    on a PSMF there aint much to eat for the day...
  9. backknee

    backknee New Member


    I follow the Warrior Diet 5 - 6 days a week (usu not on sundays since football season started). I have dropped from 242 @ 16% bf to 235 @ 13% bf over a 3 month period.

  10. Chthonian

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    You can avoid looking bloated by using some apple cider vinegar. I take a shot before any large meal, and I certainly don't look like a pregnant woman. [​IMG]

    'course, I'm eating 3-4 meals a day, not 1-2. I think 1-2 is a bit extreme, the same goes for people who eat 8-10 meals a day. I think falling right in the middle works nicely for the majority.
  11. Joe G

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    In the ebook Bryan has a diet outlined with 7 meals (including a primer and driver) so really 5 meals of food. Im gonna try the 3,000 calorie diet out. Reading it over it seems like so much food! I guess I wasnt eating as much as i thought.

    Joe G
  12. Chthonian

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    Try to nail 4500 calories a day, every day. :)
  13. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, 4500 calories a day is... difficult, to say the least. When I was on my bulk, sometimes just trying to put more food in my mouth made me want to puke. But in the end, it was worth the agony.
  14. Chthonian

    Chthonian New Member

    Totentanz, I can actually manage with a lot of protein shakes with oatmeal, milk and bananas. That gets me past 5k cals easy, if I need it.
  15. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, shakes help. I usually get a nice shake with milk and some olive oil thrown in for extra calories at the end of the night before bed. Maybe a cup of cottage cheese on the side. I usually try to hit 5000 calories on workout days and 4000-4500 on off days. Even then, I still only gain a pound or two a week, but I'm really active so...

    Regarding depression, stress, etc, weight lifting is actually my escape from all that. I'm a manager at work, with four assistant managers underneath me and anywhere from 20-30 other people under me besides that, so I get plenty of stress in my life. Match that with a wife (who's pregnant AGAIN) and kids... The wife gets really moody when she's pregnant, so I can understand. Heheh.
    There is nothing like throwing around the weights to help relieve all that stress or to forget about anything that is bringing me down. Beating up the bag or going for a run helps too.

    I also write a lot to help with that sort of thing, though that's not really related.
  16. bomsu

    bomsu New Member

    Great !
    Finished my HST cycle and took a 2-week rest. Awesome. Now, I m on my 2nd HST cycle. The progress has been stependous.
    Squats from 90kg to 170kg. Deadlift from 100kg to 150kg, but Bench Press is not so good from 60 to 100kg.
    But chin-ups (or pull-ups) from free weight to +40kg. :)
    Now, I seem to plateu at about bw 93kg with 18% bf.
    Eating 6 meals a day helps a lot. I changed the job, so less stress from being pushed into drinking compulsory beer. Great.
    While trying to cut down to 2,500 calories a day, should my HST program have any changes to be of more benifit?  
    I decided to concentrate more on chest and shoulders while reducing the number of repetitions (and increasing the weight) each week .
    Week1 - 15, W2 - 12, W3 - 10, W4 - 8, W5 - 6, W6 - 2,3 W7 - 1, 110% of max.   Is it a reasonable plan ?
    With so little food, I feel really tired and can't seem to push myself to go for a morning run.  
    Any suggestions/hints/ideas  on how to control hunger/anixiety/anger  from lack of food :confused:  
    My health club owner is really worried when I do deadlift (the healthclub is on the 4th floor).  Actually, he is now on a bulking diet and preparing for upcoming bb competitions in April 2006.
    Bomsu from SK ;)  ;)
  17. battlechaser

    battlechaser New Member

    Anyone know a good site that will show me how many calories are in what? I eat 3 meals a day plus have 3 protein shakes. Sometimes I can squeeze in 4 meals but I really have no idea how many calories or how much carbs and so forth.
  18. leegee38

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  19. mostlyallan

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    I find pretty good even to just check out calorie content. If it doesnt have a specific food I'm after I just check something similar and improvise the answer.
  20. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    i eat at least 8 times a day:

    pre workout
    post workout
    pre bed

    every meal between 300 and 500 kcals

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