How much "bad" protein powder do you consume?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by wungun, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. wungun

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    Doing some research on whey protein powders/supplements... And I'm not liking what I'm reading.
    Most of you have heard about denatured (Or more aptly, undenatured) whey powders, which is s'pose to be a good thing... But they whey that is used comes from cheese byproducts, which comes from milk, which must be pasteurized.
    And from what I understand, pasteurization messes up the protein... Sometimes to the point that your body doesn't even recognize it as protein!
    And further more, if it doesn't say undenatured, it's even further processed, and even more messing up the protein.
    Also, when it comes to flavours, like chocolate (which is a popular one), most use actual coca powder (good), but because natural coca is so bitter, the supplement is loaded with artificial sweeteners (bad)... This is because using sugar is expensive AND ups the carbs of the drink.

    There is also some controversy over just how much protein is useful (even with resistance work) per day, to be useful by the body... I've heard as little as 20g is all the body can uptake in one day...?

    So... I'm gonna try and steer away from powders and try to get my P from whole foods... And still aim for 1g/1lbs protein per day, so long as I stay under my calorie limit.

    Beans, chicken, veggies, steak, sausage, tuna/salmon, ground beef/chicken/turkey, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, Greek yogurt, almonds, eggs...
    I figure I probably spend around $50 a month on powders.... That'll go a long way to buying meat, if I bargain shop.

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  2. wungun

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    But along those lines, all the meat I eat is cooked... Lol
    And that obviously doesn't destroy the protein, does it?
  3. Bulldog

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    Did you get all that info from a soy protein website?
  4. wungun

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    No... But soy has its own issues.
  5. Totentanz

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    When you eat food, it is digested in acid. So none of this really matters. You can't really do much worse to protein than use acids to break it down into aminos.

    The idea that you can only use 20 grams of protein a day is retarded.

    Read Lyle's Protein Book for some more solid information.
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  7. leonardopm

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    Wungun, TBH I'm actually very skeptical about supplements. Here in Brazil the good ones cost a fortune and the affordable are just bad stuff, filled with soy proteins, sugar and so on. I was taking some good egg-protein, unflavored and pure, but after 8 months I can't manage anymore the smell and taste of it.

    I truly believe that a good diet can override the need for protein supplements. However I still need to take weight gainers some days, since my lifestyle doesn't allow me to eat 4k calls every day.
  8. wungun

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    4K calories.... Wow, that's a lot!
    I'm just a 160 pounder, so hitting 160-190g of daily protein would be a little easier for me from "real" foods...
    Good protein from a health food store is prohibitively expensive for this guy...
  9. Lol

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    Protein supps are just that: supplements to your regular foods.
    They are useful in order to reach macro targets if getting enough protein through regular meals is difficult. It is usually much more convenient to consume a protein shake 15-20 mins before a workout than it is to eat a meal. Same goes for right after a training session.
    Don't use supps as meal substitutes; that's not what they are for.
    As Totz said: read Lyle's Protein book as it contains a wealth of useful info on the subject.

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