Insoles in shoes weaken muscles?

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Louno, Jul 4, 2005.

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    I recently saw this :
    My lower back starts to hurt a little after a while of running, thats why i do bike for cardio instead, i dont want to risk making it worst for when i get older even tho the pain is light( im only 23)... so anyways i saw this ad and i though maybe that could be something good. even if it doesnt fix my lower back problem, it might help having a good posture, which in turn would be good for everyone to prevent problems in the future.

    Now ok the video is kinda cheesy, but anyways, they are cheap and look to be functional... it doesnt matter anyways this isnt about only this particular brand of insoles, I want to know if insoles are safe ? is it recommended ? i read somewhere on the internet that they weaken your foot by supporting areas that muscles should support. If you’re an old man who jogs this is okay, but when you are a younger man weak muscles just leads to muscle imbalances which leads to injuries, humans werent ment to be wearing insoles... But everyone who weares them says that it feels so good...

    id like to see what you guys think about it ?

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