Intermittent Fasting

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by LDU, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. LDU

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    has anyone tried Intermittent fasting??

    its basically 18hrs fast, 8 hours eating.

    Calories are as they would be normally, macros normal. You just put all of this in the 8 hour feed window.

    Theres a stack of testimonials, also some great success stories.

    My worry would be muscle loss.

    Anyway im going to give it a crack and ill log my results in my training logs.
  2. Champalex

    Champalex New Member


    i just started it a week ago, feeling great.. get quite hungry 2 hours before feeding time, but thats ok..

    you wont lose muscle.. im eating above maintenance and losing fat..
  3. leegee38

    leegee38 Member

    I've been doing it since February 2009. I've probably lost about 6% body fat without really being too careful about what I eat, and I use one complete cheat day per week. I find it much easier psychologically than continually depriving myself of foods I desire, and I really never feel hungry. I eat the majority of my carbs within about 2 hours of my workout, for whatever that is worth. It has worked well for me.
  4. Champalex

    Champalex New Member

    have you gained muscle
  5. leegee38

    leegee38 Member

    I'm 52 ... I'm thrilled to have not lost muscle. :)
  6. LDU

    LDU New Member

    Wow thats fantastic!

    i havent started yet, my main concern is that i train at 6am, so from the lean gains website it says to fast from 8pm until 12 pm, that would mean no food for 5 hours after my lifting session.

    Thanks alot for the feedback guys appreciate it.

    Havent started yet and sort of changed my mind last night and was not going to give it a crack. But im keen now!

    Any other hints or tips regarding IF? you trialled it for bulking?
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  7. Totentanz

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    Just make the eight hour window of feeding immediately following your workout. So start feeding at 6 am and start fasting at 2 pm.
  8. Champalex

    Champalex New Member

    thats just an example, you can fast at anytime you want. i fast from 1 am till 5 pm
  9. LDU

    LDU New Member

    im using the below exaple from the lean gains site

    I trained this morning after fasting since 8pm last night, and felt great. I was very suprised at how good i felt. A little hungry with 3.15hrs to go until feeding time now. As suggested im taking 17grams of Whey one hr after training at 8am with the BCAAs, then another 17g(one scoop) at 10am.

    6 AM: 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA.
    6-7 AM: Training.
    8 AM: 10 g BCAA.
    10 AM: 10 g BCAA
    12-1 PM: The "real" post-workout meal (largest meal of the day). Start of the 8 hour feeding-window.
    8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

    the other concerns i had about the post workout meal being 5 hours after training were address in this section.

    "Protein synthesis

    I had some concerns before deciding on incorporating and recommending this protocol on a wider scale. After rigorous testing, these concerns have not proven to be valid.

    My first concern was that results would be compromised if the post-workout meal was pushed back several hours. I haven't seen any trend, such as lack of progress or loss of strength and muscle mass, to indicate that this is the case. The results are on par with those obtained with the other protocols.

    Consuming BCAAs every other hour through the fast is sufficient to keep protein synthesis stimulated and prevent protein breakdown. If protein intake is completely omitted, it would undoubtedly affect results negatively. Thus the compromise of ingesting BCAA pre- and post-workout through the fast, before the real post-workout meal, which is initiated at the usual time of the feeding phase.

    Will we still derive the benefits from regular fasting if we consume small amounts of protein throughout the fast post-workout? Yes. If carbs are omitted, the increased insulin sensitivity will quickly bring back basal insulin to fasted state levels despite consuming 120 calories worth of fairly insulinogenic amino acids. The fasted state is almost fully maintained post-workout.

    When the post-workout meal comes around is also when muscle protein synthesis is beginning to take off. Though muscle protein synthesis is acutely stimulated post-workout in response to resistance training and protein intake, studies show some latency in regards to elevation and peak. Protein synthesis starts to climb about 3-4 hours post-workout, reaches a peak at the 24-hour-mark and returns close to baseline values 36 hours post-workout (or 48 hours depending on who you ask; studies on this topic show slightly different results regarding length and peak of elevation). Even if you push back the post-workout meal a few hours, you will be in the fed state at a time when nutrient partitioning is optimized and muscle growth likely to occur.

    By consuming small amounts of BCAA through the fasted state we are stimulating synthesis and halting breakdown. A few hours later, when protein synthesis is increasing, we enter the fed state. The latency seen with protein synthesis in response to training, and the fact that we have amino acids (BCAA) in circulation pre- and post-workout, goes a long way in explaining why clients following this protocol get equal results to those following other protocols."

    (quote taken from lean

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