Is casein before bed really necessary?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by TangoDown, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    I'm still bulking, and I'm wondering.

    Is a source of casein before bed really necessary? If I get in my 1 gram/lb of protein a day and yet eat dinner maybe 5 hours before I hit the sack, am I really putting gains in jeopardy by not eating until I wake up?
  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    No. To be honest, I don't use casein at all. I typically eat dinner an hour or two before bed though. Obviously it would be more optimal to get some casein or maybe some cottage cheese or at least some milk or something before bed for you since you aren't going to bed until 5 hours after dinner but is it going to make much of a difference? Probably not. Your food from dinner is going to be hanging around for a lot longer than 5 hours.
  3. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    That's what I figured. Thanks man.

    Another broscience concept bites the dust.
  4. Brixtonian

    Brixtonian Active Member

    With Intermittent Fasting - something I'm very keen on at the moment, and have been doing for the last 6 months or so - I generally eat my last meal (which is usually high in protein of some sorts, including casein) at about 8pm, and then fast until about midday the next day. I certainly havent lost any muscle on this plan. I aim for about 310g protein a day, usually in no more than 3 or 4 sittings (a couple of meals with carbs, and a couple of protein shakes, with fish oil)

  5. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member


    I'm not cutting, but I've been considering IT for when I do.

    310g of protein? How much do you weigh, by any chance?
  6. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    310 grams really isn't that absurd for larger guys. Brix is pretty big. I aim for 300+ grams of protein daily myself when I'm not maintaining - i.e. whenever bulking or cutting. When you get in the range of 230 lbs and over, higher protein levels become even more important.
  7. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    I'm assuming ya'll are both at least 6'1. I'll be happy the day I hit a lean 180lb at 5'8.
  8. Brixtonian

    Brixtonian Active Member

    As Totz has said, 300+g of protein daily isnt that unusual, especially when cutting - as I currently am - in order to preserve muscle mass, as much as I can.
    Yes, I am heavy - currently 260lb (down from 274 at the begining of the year) at approx 18-20% BF, and yes, I am 6'1"

    I also prefer to use protein as a source of calories rather than fat or carbs, when dieting, where I can. Personal choice

  9. NameisDaniel

    NameisDaniel New Member

    Reply to TangoDown

    When I bulk I do a lean bulk so I go maybe 1.5 to 2 grams per lb. and this should suffice for the rest of the day. But I wouldn't go 5 hours without eating. At least have some kind of snack that will fill you up before bed or you'll wake up with hunger pains in the middle of the night. What I did was buy a tub a casein and cottage cheese and I alternate between the two every night.
  10. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Eat, and ye shall find.

    Same same.

    Of course 'dinner' doesn't have to at 6-7pm ;)

    Chk-ching, money. I like this approach also.
  11. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    This thread is old breh

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