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Discussion in 'General Training' started by yshemesh, Mar 3, 2005.

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    i guess i just don't get it.

    why, provided you get the right food at the right time, can you not lose fat/stay lean and gain muscle at the same time ?

    if you have carbs strictly around workouts, get lots of protein, the right amount of EFA's, have nothing but protein after 6-8pm, do enough cardio ...

    i mean ... the body gets what it needs when it needs it. then why not ? ....
    i must be missing something.
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    I'm not sure either, but i guess you can just never be sure how much EXACTLY to put into your body, so the best way to gain mass is to overestimate. same with cutting. Also it isn't impossible to stay lean/gain mass. It'll just be very very slow since you're trying to optimize both at the same time(not really optimizing) instead of one at a time. but again, you CAN do it. your results will be slow, but i guess it's doable?

    o and about the carbs. carb loading i think is really the only way to see your true gains. carb loading isn'tjust focusing on carbs post/wo. It takes more than that, and i guess your body just isn't efficient enough to make ALL of the carbs you load for glycogen storage in muscles, instead it stores some as fat.

    cardio on the other hand, will burn calories without a doubt, but there are the ups and downs to it. with steady state cardio, u will have a slight catabolic effect(already against optimizing both bulk/cut) and also it will be a little more hindering on glycogen than HIIT.

    HIIT style on the other hand, will spare those carbs you've just eaten and i think it provides a longer metabolic boost than steady state. Also it aids fat mobilization. So this seems to be a pretty good deal. The only thing i can think of is that it's neurally challenging. Theres also talkabout not eating after HIIT for an hour to optimize fat loss and i don't really think that would be helpful for your muscles.

    so yea, i think it's basically catch-22 for gaining muscle/staying cut unless you're on gear or have good genes. This is just from experience with 3 HST cycles, using HIIT, steady state, staying on maintenance cals and all that crap.

    But you are different from me. So give it a shot and see how it goes. If it works then Eureka. If not, do one thing at a time. [​IMG]

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