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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by chadenegger, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. chadenegger

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    All right ive just finished up a few months of cutting, went from 92kg down to 79kg at about 10/11% now. SD'ing at the moment and just eating like a normal human untill monday 7th when ill start my bulk up and HST, cant wait cause i hate not training. Anyway here is the diet i plan on running.

    Breakfast- 4 weetbix, 500ml hilo milk, 1 scoop prot

    Midmorn- tuna in oil, blueberries

    Lunch- Salad, Beef, 2 eggs, macadamia nut oil, balsamic vinegar

    Arvo- 2 scoops protein, coconut milk

    Dinner- will be varied as ill be eating what the family eats, just gonna aim for 600 cals mainly protein/carbs as this is my post work out meal, probably gonna be meat, rice ,veg etc

    Pre-bed- 500ml hilo milk, 1 scoop protein, cottage cheese, 4 g fish oil, broccoli

    * training days i also down about 20-30g BCAA pre and intra work out.

    Anyway macros break down to about 2400 cal, 207 protein, 101 fat, 139 carb- that doesnt include dinner (or BCAA's) which like i said will be about 600 cal and will obviously bump up those macro breakdowns, ill probably end up hitting 250g of protein per day, which is about 3g per kg.

    Plan is to up calories every week or so to account for planned increase in LBM, not sure how much though, maybe 100 cal per week, wont know untill i start and can keep an eye on the scale. Gonna up the calories by changing to full cream milk, adding a handful of nuts here and there-I want to up the calories with out significantly upping the volume of food for as long as i can to make it easier to get it all down (thats the plan anyway)

    Training wise im gonna be running an abbreviated full body program every second day. Long term goal is to get up to about 90-95kg and single digit BF, been as high as 105kg a few times in the past but always more BF than i was comfortable with. Im expecting to make pretty good gains to start off with as im coming of a cut and reckon i lost a bit too much LBM and will have a bit of muscle memory on my side.

    Any thoughts/tips???
  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    2400 calories is nowhere near enough for someone your size to bulk. You'll need closer to 3000.
  3. chadenegger

    chadenegger New Member

    Yeah i know, 2400 was for everything except for dinner with the family which i didnt write down as it will be changing daily (probably didnt write that out too clearly). Goal is to get 600 cal at dinner putting me right at 3000 like you said. While ive got your attention totz, do you remeber how much you had to up your calories on a weekly basis to continue gaining back when you were bulking??
  4. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I just upped it by 50 - 100 calories week, usually closer to 100. Sometimes it would be more. Basically equates to an additional protein shake each day, or adding an extra couple of scoops of whey each week to your post workout shake.

    Occasionally I would just go all out on the weekend and eat an entire pizza or other crazy things like that.

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