My Routine, Too Much Volume? And Do You Agree With My Customization/theories?

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    So this is my routine, and i might come back and log my progress each week or two. Any comments/tips would be appreciated too...or, you can just watch my progress.

    1. Workout Frequency/Schedule:

    I do two workouts, A and B. So, it looks like:

    Sunday: A
    Monday: B
    Tuesday: A
    Wednesday: A
    Thursday: B
    Friday: A
    Saturday: Rest

    2. Exercises:

    A: (these are "Push" exercises)
    Bench Press
    Close Grip Push-Ups
    Lying Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

    B: (these are "Pull" Exercises, plus legs)
    Incline Dumbbell Curls
    Side Raises
    Legs: Calf Raises and Machine Leg Curls

    3. Volume:

    3 Sets of each for the 15's
    4 sets of each for the 10's and 5's

    4. Customizations

    I) As you can see, there are no deadlifts or squats. My back has been acting up so i'm avoiding these for now. I might pick them up lightly as I go and see what happens.

    II) I plan on adding in exercises after each mini-cycle (the 15's, the 10's, the 5's, etc).

    Specifically: I will add in Military Presses (to workout A) and Concentration Curls (to workout B) during the 10's.

    And then I will add in Tricep Kickbacks (to workout A) and Shoulder Shrugs (to workout B) during the 5's.

    I figure this will further my progressive load, as my volume will be going up even higher throughout my cycle by adding exercises.

    III) After each mini-cycle (the 15's, the 10's, the 5's, etc), I will also swap each exercise with a "similar" exercise.

    For example, I'll switch from Regular Bench Press during the 15's to Incline Bench Press during the 10's, and from Pull-ups to Close Grip Pull-ups.

    And then I will switch back during the 5's.

    I figure this will further keep me ahead of my body's adaptation aka the repeated bout effect.


    So, if anyone has any comments/concerns, I bet they will be about Customizations II and III above, as these are kinda just theories that I had on my own and aren't a part of the Regular HST Protocol from what I understand. I would love to hear your opinions on them.
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  2. Old and Grey

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    Tricep kickbacks would be better placed with 15's than the 5's. I prefer using bands with them. Too much weight and your form and ability to do fully extend are compromised.
  3. NWlifter

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    wait, why not
    aba bab
    why aba aba?
    A gets 2x the frequency?

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