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  2. Considering that myostatin resistance/inhibition is like the master switch that puts your body in 100% muscle growth modus(there`s an issue with this, as it`s almost impossible for fat to accumulate even with hugeish caloric intakes, and for infants having fat is important fow proper development), it`s likely that it causes both hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Have I said how cool it would`ve been to be a mutant?Darn.
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    (Bulldog @ Jul. 03 2007,15:19)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Looking around the web I came across this discussion.  It was somewhat interesting.

    I curious to see what becomes of Folstaxan.</div>
    My guess is nothing.
  5. It`s bullcrap. Read PAs posts, and follow some of the links to the myostatin propeptide that is being developed for viral gene therapy(!), then check out the price, then think about the fact that no fertile egg yolks have been eaten for ages, and that delivery for something like this is unlikely to be straight oral, and you`ll see that it`s just another scam, like biotests myoblast of whatever that was called. OTOH, thanks for the link, didn`t know about that propeptide.
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    Dr. Se-Jin Lee and Myostatin Gene Therapy

    Dr. Lee has created a gene therapy technique that introduces a potent myostatin inhibitor into the muscle using a non-viral vector (RSET from Invitrogen). Two injections can increase muscle mass in mice up to 60%. This type of muscle growth occurs without training. Dr. Lee feels that this technology could easily be applied to humans (bodybuilders). He feels a small lab or individual could exploit this technology for athletes and bodybuilders for as little as $20,000 to $50,000.

    You can get enormous growth. Any small lab out there, even an individual who knows what they’re doing, could do this. The technology is relatively straightforward.

    Dr. Lee is employed by John Hopkins University. Myostatin was licensed by The Johns Hopkins University to MetaMorphix. Dr. Lee owns an undisclosed amount of stock in MetaMorphix. MetaMorphix sublicenses myostatin to Wyeth.

    Taken from

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