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  1. faz

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    jester you said
    Second point that bothers me here - if RBE lasts for so long, why will 2 weeks of SD negate it...? Chances are that if the muscles are resensitised to ANY load, then it will be the heavier weights, not the lighter end of the spectrum

    maybe thats another reason for 15s
    2wks sd, 2wks 15s (a sort of deloading) so it works out 4wks sd ..and keeps the guys who cant stay out of the gym happy.
    just my £ worth. :D
  2. Giovanni

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    My problem whit HST is that I dont have the time to train 3 times a week.
    So, I keep 2 full body workouts a week, try to increase my strength to when I have the time to do a really HST cycle my 5 rm will be very big [​IMG]

  3. Giovanni

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    These is the routine I am doing:Full body 2 times a week, a A and B workout:

    A: B:
    Leg press Leg press
    Bench press Bench press
    Chins Pull-UP
    MP Rows
    Barbell Curl MP
    Triceps extension Barbell curls
    L-Fly Triceps extensions

    I do 3x5 on every thing,except arms that is just 1x5 and l-fly that is 2x15
    I do metabolic work one time a week for each body part whit 1x15.
    This is my basic routine I will work in 2006 whit the goal of increasing my streingth by 50 % and gaining 10 lbs of lean mass.
    Thanks for reading

  4. colby2152

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    At least it is a bit better than doing HIT.. (2x/week that is)
  5. liegelord

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    Giovanni, if you can only work out 2x a week, you should replace the leg press with squats and,or deadlift.
  6. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Throw in sufficient metabolic work in the 5s and negs and glycogen depletion occurs the same.

    Caloric deficit (intended or otherwise) will always prevent gains, this is not phase specific.

    You keep referring to the 10s as if they're special because they're "the 10s"...they aren't. They're weights that were once your 1RM and 3RM and 5RM and so on, and are now far from any of those. The point is that these weights are not sufficiently heavy (relative) anymore. You keep referring to RBE and adaptations . . . and you're right, they do occur (CT and otherwise)...and they do last...which is why you can't go back to weights as light as those in the 15s and 10s and expect to grow off them anywhere NEAR as much as those heavier, or for as long duration. Think about how many workouts you did with 100kgs as your 5RM or just lower than before it became your aren't sensitive to that stimulus anymore.

    Will 2 or 4 weeks of lowered/no weights make you as sensitive as you were previously again to ANY load..? Still unofficial as to yes or no...if RBE is so potent and far reaching, then why is it that 2 or 4 weeks will remove adaptations without the loss of some of the muscle tissue that was gained..?

    *RBE - prevents continual growth at same load

    *When - you train beyond 15s and 10s for 5s and negs (4 weeks and longer), you're not only desensitising yourself to those loads, you're making your muscles forget that 15s and 10s ever caused hypertrophy. Think of RBE as a curve that's always just behind hypertrophy I guess. When you get hammering away at the top end of the curve (5s, negs) you're prevent growth from using weights @ the lighter end. an aside, you don't(and can't/won't I believe) get full recruitment from first rep unless training ~ 85% of 1RM...which lies in the 5-8RM for nearly everyone.

    I'm going to paraphrase Lyle here:

    "If the method leads to the outcome you were already aware of, it doesn't matter if you know the mechanisms or not"

    (.. in reference to someone pumping up HST because of the science behind it. I'm not belittling ANYTHING Bryan has done, just saying that the method would be as effective if he'd merely invented it this way instead of researching it.)

    If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't.

    Oh please.......if the most effective and efficient way to build muscle is by playing chess, then I'll do that. If it's lifting lighter, then I'll do that.

    But it isn't either of them.

    Ok, next step here is to prove it. Lets get 5 people who know how to train well (exercise choice and form) and eat accordingly. Have them do the vanilla HST - 3x fullbody per week, 8 weeks, 2 weeks of each, preceeded by a 9-14 day SD.

    The gains will be as great for the first four weeks as the last two correct..? And the gains across phases will be the same (not significantly different)... so the 15s gains will be muscle, not just glycogen and fluid...and this will be reflected by the same gains in the 10s and 5s and negs.

    Sound good..?
  7. Giovanni

    Giovanni New Member

    What is "sufficient metabolic work"?
    I my routine(that is centered around 5 reps work) I had the plan to do a 1x15 for metabolic work.
    But I was think,instead is not better to to a progressive 10 reps set whit anouther exercice?
    For example:
    Bench press:3x5
    L-fly:1x10, trying to increase my strength in these isolation mov. as I do in the compound, instead of just a pump set of 15 reps.
    Keep this discussion, I am liking very much this thread!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  8. Ok, gotta ask

    CT=?-Contractile tissue or connective tissue or what?
  9. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    I've taken it as connective tissue...given JV's usage of the abbreviation in this and other topics.
  10. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    Just my two cents worth.

    I have done the same 2x week training.

    My conclusion is stay as close as possible to failure without getting there [​IMG]

    And go for as high a volume as you can take. (3 plus sets)

    Your diet will have to be more moderate than with the higher frequncie's trainees. I mean maybe not 500 above maintenance but 250 or so, you will have to go by feel here.
  11. Giovanni

    Giovanni New Member

    Thank's for all that replied!!

  12. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Eat 5-800 above on the 24 hrs after a workout (take advantage of inc. protein synthesis and glycogen retenion). Eat slightly less above maintenance at other $0.02

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