Please review my workout.

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Synner, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Synner

    Synner New Member

    First off, sorry this wrong forum.

    First time on the site, when I did HST before was a friend guiding me, so quite possible I did it wrong.

    Ok, did HST few years back with amazing success. Not sure why haven't gone back to it till now. I did make some variations. 2 exercises per body part for 2 sets. Now I was younger and could eat and sleep more.

    Also when see my workout giving now wont be much for legs Ive had 9 knee surgeries from car accident and next ones are total replacements. They hurt like hell so they don't get to much training. Also have a lower back problem but get epidurals help with that.

    Please critique. Wanna do this right. Been back in gym for 2 months after year off due to surgeries. Gotten lazy. Been working out since 12 though.

    age 33
    prob 275, feel I look best 240.

    Going for M-W-F 2 exercises for 2 sets minus legs. Will be doing cardio off days. Elipitical for 30 mins.

    weeks 1-2 15 reps 3-4 10 reps 5-6 5 reps 7-8 prob repeat 5s or 10s

    exercises order
    -Bent over rows
    -lat pull down varying wide and close grip every other workout
    -Incline bench
    -flat bench
    -Dumbbell Press
    -Side laterals
    -Barbell Curl
    -Hammer curls
    - Cable pressdown
    - Skull crushers
    -Legpress, may try squats
    -Stiff legged Deadlifts
    - Seated hamstring curls
    -Standing rasies
    -Seated raises

    PS sorry for being all over place. Keep thinking stuff to add.
  2. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Seems pretty par for the course ... 6'5, so lucky ... :)

    Don't repeat the 10s in week 7&8, instead either maintain or try to extend your 5RM and/or do negatives.

    Make sure you're eating plenty as well, for someone of your height there will be a fairly steep requirement for calories.

    Is your goal to build muscle or cut fat, for this cycle ... ? You can't do both at once.
  3. Synner

    Synner New Member

    Thank you for your response.

    I will extend the 5s. My thinking is since I more then likly wouldn't be able do negatives on some exercises that require a spot may try 10s. I go gym usually 3am. Person working counter will spot me, just don't wanna bother him to much.

    My goal for next 8 weeks is build muscle trying get back to where I was before car accident.
  4. manimal

    manimal New Member

    If you're doing two exercises per body part per training session you're going to over train when you hit weeks 5&6. I counted 16 exercises = 32 sets in one training session x 3 times a week. Once you get to the 5th and 6gh week you'll hit the 48 set range per session x 3 times a week. If you're taking steroids, go for it. If you're going natural, you're an injury waiting to happen.

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