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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by mickc1965, May 6, 2017.

  1. mickc1965

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    Trying to stimulate conversation on here (as did O&G)

    Back Story - Going back a few years (2011) I was approx 220lbs but with a high body fat % and was not training so fast forward to today I tend to stay leanish (10-15% and currently weigh 170 and maintain at ~2600 kcals) but during festive periods / holidays I pretty much eat what I feel like but I tend to put on a lot more weight than the additional caloric intake, for instance

    Xmas 2016 - 19lbs increase in 7 days (from 25/12 to 01/01) with caloric intake on 3 days in excess of 6k with remainder at 2-3k per day

    10-13 March (Weekend away) - 12lbs increase with average caloric intake ~6k per day

    Easter 2017 - again 12lbs from the Saturday morning to Tuesday morning with caloric intake on average over 3 days ~6k kcals

    I know some of this would be due to water retention from increase in carbs and some moderate alcohol consumption but 3lbs+ per day!!

    Are these large increases due to additional fat cells gained in my former fatty days that are now able to retain the additional calories consumed in binge periods and therefore I am destined for the remainder of my days to be at risk of an easy return to being fat?
  2. NWlifter

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    Wow that's some fast gain! Must be a lot of water too like your saying, if fat is 3500 kc per lb, 3 lbs a day would need 10,500 extra a day, besides basal and the extra we burn from eating more. I was watching a youtube video about weight gain, and it comes out for most people that they almost need to eat 2x the extra for the fat gain. So almost 5000 extra to keep 3500 as gain. So that would mean you'd need to eat almost 18,000 a day to actually gain 3 lbs of fat a day.

    But, on the fat gain part, yes, when people gain weight fat cells increase in size and replicate, then later they are 'there' and are highly insulin sensitive when empty, their just begging to fill back up again and grab any excess they can.

    How long does it take you to lose it after?
  3. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Generally at slight caloric deficit it takes 3 times longer to lose than to gain
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  4. NWlifter

    NWlifter Active Member

    So you can lose it all in 9 days about? With just a slight deficit? Man that's good.
    That's a healthy scenario though, that's what fat cells are for, to buffer excess and keep it in a safe place.
  5. Bryan Haycock

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    You mention that you put on more weight than the calories would explain. That tells you that it is water. Keep in mind that carbs/insulin has a direct effect on the kidneys and causes water retention. Once insulin drops kidneys open up and water is lost again. Actual meaningful fat gain takes more than a weekend.
  6. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bryan, on a separate note it's good to see you back just need a few more people to start posting again to get this forum going again.
  7. Renky

    Renky Member

    Wow, that is phenomenal weight gain! Yeowza!! So, coming back from vacation or whatever, you would be at an increased weight and then 2 weeks later you lose the gained weight? Those kind of weight swings would be noticeable to people, wouldn't it? Do people comment?
    This has me curious... If Bryan is saying it is just mostly water, I am confused on how it is so much and so rapid? Also, is the pendulum swinging back and forth like this hard on the body?
    Sorry that I don't have any answers. I am in my early 40's now and boy the weight is harder to get off than what it used to be.
  8. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Not overly noticeable, abs become blurry and that's about it so it could be evenly spread which as Bryan said it could just be water!!

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