Sprinter's workout log starting monday 28/01/2013

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  1. sprinter91

    sprinter91 New Member

    Well this is going to be my workout log.

    I'm gonna split the workouts in A and B since I've readed it's the best way to train.

    I'm also adding cardio on the off days (Monday/wednesday/tuesday weight lifting and tuesday/thursday cardio and maybe one day in the weekend after a month doing this)

    This is my current body (taken today after working out)

    http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n...pscf1ba803.jpg Back
    http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n...psc609f9df.jpg Side
    http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n...ps29a45347.jpg Front

    My main goal is to get my waist/abdominal fat away and decrease bf% (I think it's near the 20/22% and I wanna get to at least 13 / 16% between the fitness and athletes BF %) I haven't been training for 9 months this was my first 2 days to try out the program.

    Secundary goal is to gain muscle and get stronger and after that it's to cut and get lean, that will be my third goal to get the body I desire.

    I love sprinting/interval training but got asthma so gotta watch out but that's the cardio I wanna include on the off days but gonna start first with moderate cardio to build up lungs again.

    My workout will be as follow;

    Workout A

    Incline Bench
    Push ups
    Bent over row
    Upright Row
    Barbell shrugs
    Overhead tri-extension
    Barbell curls
    Leg Press Calves

    Workout B

    Chest Dips
    Push ups
    Chin ups
    Military Barbell Press
    Dumbell Shrugs
    Dumbell Curls
    Barbell Calves (smiths machine)

    Abs will be done on cardio days.

    I've been thinking of adding a forearms excercise to strengthen my forearms.
    I noticed my upper body is pretty weak, maybe due to the period I haven't been working out (9 months) so I start low in weights on every excercise since I can't handle alot and I work out on my own, I hope I'll progress as I go on [​IMG].

    Since it's HST I've seen it's 15s the first two weeks with 2 sets and then it progresses to 10s with 3 sets and then 5s with 4 sets, I won't be doing negatives, I'll try though but I think I'm gonna do the 5s again since I work alone and don't got a spotter

    The calves are improvised since the gym lacks calf machines..

    [FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I'll try to get to 2.500/3000 cals in meals and such[/FONT]

    Suplements are: Dymatize 100% hidrolisate whey, creapure, multivitamin and fish oils.

    I take fish oils before sleeping, multis when waking up and the protein shake + creatine when 30mins after working out.

    Wish me luck!

    Current weight: 76kg +/-
    BF%: 22% +/-
  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you decide to do forearm exercises, don't waste your time with wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. Do something like pinwheel curls, or use that thing that you roll up while hanging plates from it, whatever the heck that is called. Even plate pinches are ok.
  3. sprinter91

    sprinter91 New Member

    Thanks for the forearm tips, gonna try the ones you mentioned I was going to do the wrist curls haha.
    Oh yeah I know the one where you have to roll it up, it's a pain but it's really helpfull (did it when doing circuit before my injury in kickbox lesson)

    For the rest everything ok, the plan, etc? :)
  4. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    Grip work is great for forearms too. As a plumber, my grip-strength is tested daily, and my forearms have always been a strong point, partly because of all the grip-work. Either heavy pulling or hand-squeezers, or even the curls with the rope, etc. like Totentanz decribes.

    Your upper traps are going to get blitzed on that routine. It might just cause massive hypertrophy. If it causes overtraining, you can always drop the shrugs, since you are working trapezius with the upright rows, deadlifts, squats, barbell press and bent row already! Which is quite enough trapezius work, unless you are really specilaizing on traps this cycle.
  5. sprinter91

    sprinter91 New Member

    Well I really wanna focus on blitzing all my upper body, back,chest and shoulders/traps I know my arms are supposed to grow with the excercises I'll do on the workout + the curls and skullcrushers as isolation, my legs too but with deads and squat plus I work walking here and there in a warehouse and the cardio might boost my legs.

    It's my secondary goal normally but I think it's the first and losing the fat on my waist is secondary since I wanna get more muscle and get stronger first.
    So should that routine do or should I do anything else to increase the strength/muscle growth or is that just enough?

    Thanks again for the help!

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