Strategic Deconditioning

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by manbot, May 12, 2005.

  1. manbot

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    Ok, I'm coming off a regular different body part per workout day routine to give HST a try. My simple question is that during strategic deconditioning should all physical activity be stopped or just weigh training? I train with a punching bag and also hike as a means of getting some cardio work in - can I keep at these in the 14 day SD period?
  2. Al and Hammer

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    The idea is too get your muscles to think "hey..we got nothing to do...lets relax" [​IMG]

    So I guess basically dont do anything physically strenuous...tho I think that some cardio is ok.
  3. Totentanz

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    You are trying to decondition your muscles so that the light weights you use at the beginning of your cycle will be effective again, so I would think that punching the bag would probably not be a good idea. The hiking would probably be okay as long as it isn't very strenuous on your legs, otherwise you may compromise your legs growth potential next cycle.
  4. manbot

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    OK. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  5. manbot

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    OK. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Guess other than work I get to take it easy for the next 9 - 14 days :)
  6. SD is great. It really allows you to recharge both physically and mentally. Look at it as a reward for all hard work you put in. Enjoy the time off. I just came off a 3 week SD and I've gained back everything I lost inside of 2 weeks so don't worry about muscle loss. Muscle memory will bring it back very quickly, even after an extended SD.
  7. manbot

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    Just coming up into my last 2 week phase of my first HST routine. I am wondering - do you take another 2 weeks off before you start your next week cycle or do you head right back into it with some higher max reps?
  8. IF only doing an wek cycle then yes SD again before your next 8 week cycle.

    You may also continue with your 5 reps maxes or Negs for an additional number of weeks before SD'ing and going into your next cycle. This will depend on your strength, joints and state of mind, if you feel good then extend, if you stop gaining size/weight or your strength simply doesn't go up then SD.

    Just because the cycles are designed as an 8 week system doen't mean you can't go much longer, as long as there is an advantage.
  9. manbot

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    And while I'm here, what kind of gains can I expect from doing an HST routine from say now until December (not that I intend to stop after that - I'm just curious how effective this program is?) I came to a standstill as far as making gains is concerned with a more traditional lifting program.....

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