Symptoms of Overtraining

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  1. What could Symptoms of Overtraining be?
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    That depends on 'what' is getting overtrained.

    Perform 1RM's too often and your CNS & joints (connective tissues etc) might be overtraining. You'll see a lack of desire and sore joints.

    Train too often with too much volume and you might keep depleting your glycogen too much. You'll have less energy and lose performance.

    True 'overtraining' syndrome, the long term stuff that athletes usually experience, has similar symptoms to depression. Mostly CNS/endocrine/neuro-transmiitter issues.
  3. Lately, when lifting, I've been experiencing crazy skullsplitting headaches.. I've found more info on it and looks like I've got "Tension headache" happening... or else its called "hatbend headaches"...

    Have to go to my doc and see what he may suggest...

    Anyone else here had them?
  4. They're called "exertional" headaches.

    There is a thread here where they have been discussed.
  5. Hmm.. interesting...
    ejones Wrote:
    This probably doesn't apply to you, but here goes anyways.  I experienced the same thing last summer where I would get major headaches right in the middle of my sets.  I tried everything (breathing correctly, etc ...) to try and get rid of it and nothing worked.  I saw a thread on a bb board about aspartame headaches, and since I had been taking a protein powder artificially flavored with aspartame for quite some time, I decided to switch to one flavored w/out aspartame and the headaches were gone in a couple days.  Apparently these aspartame headaches are more common than you might think, and if you've been using a protein powder frequently w/ artificial flavoring it's worth a shot.
    I've also switched my protein powder to a new one the same day headaches began..... I'm at work right now.. so don't know the ingredients of my new protein..

    crap... if it's that aspartame, I'll have to return a 4 kilo bucket of used protein.. [​IMG]
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    Not to alarm anyone, but over in the UK, an MP is pushing for a ban on aspartame. He's citing a study by Italians on rats which showed that continued consumption of aspartame, below recommended intake, lead to repeated instances of malignant tumours.,2763,1667771,00.html

    Thats from a few days ago. I'm not making any assumptions. Decide for yourself.
  7. The lable on my bucket doesn't say that it contains Aspartame.. but it does contain Aspartic Acid - a Non-Essential Amino Acid... sounds like the same thing? Is it?
  8. No

    Asparatme is made from Aspartic Acid and Phenylalanine.
  9. Yeah,, and Phenylalanine is listed as an essential amino acid...
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    Saccarine supposedly causes stomach cancer in rats too, doesn't it? I don't use artificial sweeteners much myself, but I don't think it's a big deal. There doesn't seem to be any conclusive proof that they cause cancer in humans. Though that doesn't seem to stop people from blaming aspartame for every ailment under the sun...

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