Testosterone and muscle hypertrophy - differing takes on same study.

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy Research' started by asteve5, Jan 2, 2012.

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    There was a dose response study in normal men correlating testosterone dosage and lean body mass, here is Bryan's take on said study:

    "We know for sure it is up to 600 mg/week without showing any signs of diminishing returns so I estimate it would continue until about 1,000 mg/wk, but I’m speculating on that figure. Still, from the research we have, you get (all things being equal) about 3 pounds (1.5 kg) of fat free mass for every 100 mg of testosterone per week up to at least 600 mg/week over the course of about 16 weeks of use. And like I said, the dose response showed no signs of attenuation, it was linear through 600 mg/week"

    So hows does this researcher/doctor come to such different conclusions regarding the same results?
    "for each +1% in lean mass you would have to increase your testosterone level by >27% - and maintain that over a time-course of 20 weeks! And as if that was not enough, even if you would survive boosting your levels into the >+400% zone, you should be aware that the slope will level out and you will probably need another +100% to make the +1% addition in lean mass. "

    Here's the full study in question.
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    Not really that much different. Bryan simply clarified when the slope starts to cause diminishing returns.
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    Thank you for the reply.
    May I ask your opinion on a similar question regarding the significance of low dose testosterone...
    There is a supplement called Triazole by Driven Sports, on lab tests done on myself - it raised my test. to the same degree (in percent) as the 300mg group in these studies, do you think this would have any significant effect on muscle growth?
    I'm perplexed because the author of that blogpost answers no while the data in the study seems to suggest it would.
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    Do you know if that is a sustained increase in test levels or if it drops off? Typically stuff that is non-steroidal and causes a rise in test levels will cause a subsequent drop in test levels. Anyway, speaking strictly of testosterone, 300 mgs a week would aid in muscle growth so if this product works over time, then yes, my opinion is that it probably would. However, I don't have a lot of faith in non-steroidal testosterone boosters in men who do not already have low test levels. Most are overpriced and don't produce the results one expects, especially when you can just get actual testosterone for cheaper.
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    It is sustained for 8 weeks and then begins to drop off.
    Benefits of a non-steroidal as I see it: Doesn't shut down endogenous production and is not illegal.

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