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    Here we will post links to some relevant studies pertaining to the science that HST is founded on. Note that the newest studies (2002 and 2003) can only be accessed in institutions that subscribe to the related journals, or by pay-per-view - so for those I will only post links to the abstracts instead of the full articles. Also, at the bottom of each study/article, you will often find links to related studies that will further enhance your understanding of the related topic.

    Martineau and Gardiner, Insight into skeletal muscle mechanotransduction: MAPK activation is quantitatively related to tension, J Appl Physiol Vol. 91, Issue 2, 693-702, August 2001

    Bamman et al., Mechanical load increases muscle IGF-I and androgen receptor mRNA concentrations in humans, Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab Vol. 280, Issue 3, E383-E390, March 2001

    Sakamoto and Goodyear, Exercise Effects on Muscle Insulin Signaling and Action, J Appl Physiol Vol. 93, Issue 1, 369-383, July 2002

    Wretman et al., Effects of concentric and eccentric contractions on phosphorylation of MAPKerk1/2 and MAPKp38 in isolated rat skeletal muscle, Journal of Physiology (2001), 535.1, pp. 155-164

    Boppart et al., Static stretch increases c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase activity and p38 phosphorylation in rat skeletal muscle, AJP Vol. 280, Issue 2, C352-C358, February 2001

    Carlson et al., Time course of the MAPK and PI3-kinase response within 24 h of skeletal muscle overload, J Appl Physiol Vol. 91, Issue 5, 2079-2087, November 2001

    Dunn et al., Calcineurin Is Required for Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy, J Biol Chem, Vol. 274, Issue 31, 21908-21912, July 30, 1999

    Haddad and Adams, Acute cellular and molecular responses to resistance exercise, J Appl Physiol Vol. 93, Issue 1, 394-403, July 2002

    Carson and Wei, Integrin signaling's potential for mediating gene expression in hypertrophying skeletal muscle, J Appl PhysiolVol. 88, Issue 1, 337-343, January 2000
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