Training and Nutrition with Diabetes

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Sphinx, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Sphinx

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    Where can I find information on training and nutrition for someone with diabetes?
    I have a girlfriend who has recently been diagnosed. She was wondering why she was gaining weight in such a short amount of time when she finally went to the doctor. Tests are still being run but they told her that diet and exercise are her best bets.
    Now the question is, Where can you find proper info on training and diet for a person with diabetes? Has anyone here dealt with this before?
    Thanks, Sphinx.
  2. Old and Grey

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    Excellent question. Unfortunately I do not have any info to share with you except that nutrition and exercise are the keys to controlling it. Perhaps a google search of "diabetes and exercise" might yield some results. Good luck. Please share your results with us in that I am sure many of us would like to learn along with you.

    I think I came across somewhere that Bryan may have some expertise in this. You might try a PM in case he does not see your post.
  3. Aaron_F

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    NIDDM or IDDM?

    Diabetes can be a tricky one, but exercise is the major effector, but has to be balanced with diet.

    There is a IDDM lifter here (tyler) and he can possibly share some of his experiences ... that is if he is still floating around.

    I have a chapter of one of my books on Sports and Diabetes, but that is usually far different than general health exercise.
  4. Cliner9er

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    I am with Aaron, we will need to know a little more about her condition. Exercise with IDDM and NIDDM is alittle different in responses and can subset again with other diabetes related conditions ("pathies").

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