Vanilla Hst?


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Just finished my SD after first hst cycle in years. Starting bAck in gym tomorow. Wanted to ask : for first cycle i basically did the vanilla hst 3x per week 2x15,2x10, then did 4 weeks at 3x5. My exercises were

Bent over row
Barbell curl
Close grip bench
Overhead press

(i deadlift 2x per week. One day instead of squat then another seperate day by itself)

occasionally id throw in some lat raises or tricep pressdowns or some other bicep isolation

im no beginner. Been training since i was 21. 41 now. Was at one time much stronger and bigger than i am now (thanks to bad programming, somw injuries,cuts that lasted too long ive lost a lot of size and strength). Its been a frustrating past couple years trying to regain size and strength. Anyway should i continue on with the above exercises and 3x per week or do i need to change some things up? More volume? Add some exercises,etc??