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    Begin with a general warmup – stationary bike, treadmill or similar for 5 mins at low-moderate intensity – just enough to break a sweat. Then do some light, dynamic stretching – arm rotations and similar.

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    Specific warmups for first exercise of major muscle groups (legs, chest, back)

    15s don't really require warm-ups.

    10s - 1 set 5 reps @ 70% of working weight on main exercises. Later exercises for same or auxillary muscle groups don't require warm-ups unless you feel you need it.

    5s - 1 set 5 reps @ 50% of working weight

    1 set 3 reps @ 70% of working weight

    1 set 2-3 reps @ 80% of working weight

    1 set 1 rep @ 90% of working weight (optional)

    Although it looks like a lot, it is low-volume compared to those that use 20+reps on their warm-up sets. The warmup only serves to increase the core- and local temperature, thus elevating various enzymes and activating the neural system, thus making the muscles work more efficiently. Don’t make the warm-ups into a workout of its own. The above should at most require 15 minutes.

    - Blade

    The reps should be easy, producing more of an "active stretch" than a strength challenge. You will find that when you train a body part more frequently, it requires less warm up to feel ready to perform.

    - Bryan
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